The Standoff: Leet World Season 3 Screenshot

Another screenshot from The Leet World Season 3. This time, Montrose finds himself in a rather precarious situation. Who are these masked CSGO baddies? What do they want? And just how is Montrose going to get out of this predicament? Perhaps his boots will have some part to play.

The world may never know. *

*The world will totally actually know, when the episode featuring this scene is released.

leet world season 3 screenshot montrose

“You think you can take on four men… all by yourself?”

The Leet World Season 3 VLOG: Going Big Time

We’ve got a big announcement. Season 3 is going big time, since everyone is super famous and in Hollywood now.

OK, that’s not really the announcement, however, the live action animator reference files are SERIOUSLY going to make for some of the best special features ever. Nick and Daniel hilariously act out every scene of the show between the two of them, and it’s some of my favorite stuff ever. You guys are going to love them as our between-episode special features.

Stay smooth, everyone.

Leet World Season 3: The Bros Are Back



We got a new screenshot for you, this time of everyone’s favorite bros. The first two* episodes of the season are appropriately titled “Reunion,” as they primarily deal with getting The Leet World cast back together to deal with <secrets>. I still get kind of giddy seeing the characters together again. In some ways it’s like they never left that weird spot in my brain reserved for Leet World.

Hope you all feel the same when you see it.

Leet World Season 3: Chet and Player

The Bros Are Back

More to come.

*episodes subject to change because reasons

The Leet World VLOG: July Update

We’ve got a new VLOG up to update everyone on some Leet World Season 3 progress. Although for you savvy blog folks, you’ll already know a lot of what’s going on because you’re just so dang smart and awesome.

Again, thanks for sticking with us and being excited about the show. I say it a lot because we’re really immensely grateful that you guys are watching and paying attention.

When we first started talking about timelines, we didn’t know if we were jumping the gun to announce this thing back in November before significant work had started on it. But looking back, I’m not sure how we could have kept our enthusiasm up while working on it in secret for so long. You guys have really made the difference.

Keep your eyes on this space. More screenshots and videos coming soon.

Doing Lots of Rough Stuff

Hi all! It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, and for good reason. We’re more than a little busy at the moment touching parts of 4 different episodes in various (sometimes dirty) ways. In fact, we’ve hit a really huge milestone in production and are ready to check out our first cut of Episode 1.

Does this mean the episode’s almost finished? Not at all. Rough cuts are just what they sound like, and barely watchable unless you know what you’re looking for. It’s more of the bones of an episode, and it’s after the rough cut that you really pile on the meat.

At the same time we’re getting ready to start cutting Episode 2, we’re building the scenes for Episode 3 and working on maps for Episode 4. There’s a lot of stuff to juggle, but we finally feel like we’ve nailed our production pipeline down and things are really soaring.

But in addition to those things, we’ve got some other stuff going on creatively as well. Daniel, for instance, has been working with his comedy group, The Magnificent, whose hilarious video Water Mouth just passed 340,000 views on Funny or Die recently. You guys should check out more of their stuff.

In addition, I just had some big news drop about a project I’ve been working on for the last year — a Red vs. Blue book I’ve been writing with Rooster Teeth and Dey Street Books! It’s coming out on November 17 in book stores and is going to be really funny and full of stuff Red vs. Blue fans will love. You should pre-order it because then maybe I’ll get to write more books some day.

Anyway, that’s a quick (but full) update on where we are at the moment. Thanks for checking in on Leet World — we’ve got some cool stuff coming soon.

A Gift for Your Desktop: TLW 3 Wallpaper

Thanks for all the kind words about the newest trailer. It’s awesome that we were able to finally say “this is the show” in such a definitive way. Hopefully it’s got you guys pumped.

I’ve been excited about this trailer for awhile, but in particular the shot at the end. When I write episodes, I try not to put in too much “direction” in the scripts, because that’s Daniel’s department. However, when I came to the moment in an unnamed episode when all of the characters would be standing at a garage door in the desert, I requested only that it be framed as an epic silhouette shot with all of our dudes. For obvious reasons.

I also knew that we would ultimately have to use this in a trailer, because it’s great. Anyway, because it’s so great, we thought we’d gift it to you in the form of a Leet World Season 3 wallpaper. Enjoy.

Leet World Season 3 wallpaper

The Leet World Season 3 Trailer: Into the Storm

We’ve been talking about it for awhile, and here it is. The first official trailer for The Leet World Season 3.

We’re excited about this one for a number of reasons. One, it’s giving you a glimpse of some actual footage from the show so you can see what the transition to SFM is going to look like. Two, Jace’s kickass rendition of the TLW theme (which is totally available at Bandcamp, along with the TLW season 1 soundtrack). And three, it’s amazing to see all of the old gang together again.

Thanks for sticking with us, and you’ll be seeing a lot more now that we’ve shown off some footage.

Stay smooth.

EDIT: It seems like a kind stranger put this up on Reddit. Please upvote if you can!

The Leet World VLOG: Hype Train

Hey everyone! We’ve got a new vlog update about the status of Season 3, plus a couple of ways that you can help us out over the next week or so. The first of which is the imminent teaser. We’d love for you guys to share the teaser when it comes out so we can let as many old fans as possible know that the show’s coming back.

The other big news is that we just put a TLW sticker up in the CSGO workshop! If we’re fortunate enough for this sticker to get voted into the next CSGO update, it would be a really huge deal for us in terms of getting help with production funds and just continuing to spread the word about Leet World. If you can, do us a favor and go vote yes!

<3 you guys

April’s Super Punctual Leet World Update

So I’ve had a bit of a Sarlacc monster dropped onto my life in the form of a brand new fledgling human, which has limited my ability to post any meaningful updates. When faced with the choice of talking to you fine folks, working on Leet World, playing CSGO or sleeping in my “free” time, you can guess which of these I choose (Counter-Strike, duh).

Production is moving along, but has had its share of bumps over the last month. We’re not as far into the season as we’d hoped we would be at this point, and we’ve had to have some discussions about scope, workflow, etc., but everything is still in a good spot. It turns out there’s a reason that nearly every major SFM project has abandoned SFM in the middle of its use, because SFM is hard. Go figure.

Right now we’re making a push to finish out the first two episodes, and we’re working on getting episode 3 up and running at the same time while writing episode 4. We’ve gotten some great help recently from some amazing volunteers, and now the whole project is hitting an awesome stride.

Which means we’ve got things to show you soon. There’s a new teaser coming along any week now, and with it we’ll have a way for you guys to help us get the word out and possibly help us with production as well. I’ll post more about that later this week!

And now for a question: how many of you Smooth fellas and ladies would be interested in some eSports CSGO content? Nick and I in particular have become fanatics (pun intended) about competitive CS lately, and we’re wondering about turning it into something we can do regularly and post here. Obviously we’d only do this if it didn’t conflict with our Leet World schedule. Thoughts?