15 thoughts on “Know About It: Spring Break

  1. Pandangerous

    OMG X2!!!!
    I pretty much died for about 7 minutes when Cortez’s hero was unveiled.You guys keep coming up with funnier stuff each week ,but are you sure you can juggle all the things you want to do?
    TLW,WZ,G.R.I.E.F and now Know about it.

  2. sam-sam

    are you ever going to release web zeroes episode 3 download? because you know, its been a while

  3. Fophug123

    SERIOUSY:D Chet should have “Know about it” as a permenant show, like every other week;D not that you guys don’t have enough show’s as it is, but this was very funny=)

  4. Stefanus Lie

    LOL, I love this very much. Basically, Chet’s one of my favorite character in the show. I really love the way he talks, like a broass…

    How can I download this vid?

  5. Vollmar


    Cortez’s speech is just one, great, big, Innuendo!
    You are, the biggest badass, i know.
    Hair like the darkest of burro’s.
    Skin like a dusty path…


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