The Long Holiday

Tonight or tomorrow, there will be a new short up from Smooth Few Films. While this short is not “The Leet World” related, I think you guys will really enjoy it. Also, its release officially marks the end of our break from The Leet World. While we’ve already done just a little for Episode Nine, production will ramp up in full force after today. I thought that would make you gents and gals happy to know.

Also, if you’re up for watching a Hitchcockian Half Life 2 machinima, check out this nifty piece from Xanatos, a respected member of the machinima community, as well as one of our own forum-goers.

The Leet World Podcast, Episode 3!

As promised, the first bit of content is here for your enjoyment, The Leet World Podcast, Episode 3. We answered a few of the questions that people asked on the forums in this podcast, and cover a wide array of topics including: Episode 8, the Domination character, CSS vs Gmod, The Over-Achiever, my addiction to gamer points, creative differences (disagreements), and Daniel’s dislike of dark places. For the most part, it is nothing but TLW content.

All of this clocks in at a fairly reasonable time of under 20 minutes. Give it a listen:

Keep in mind that any “spoilers” or “hints” that we may give about upcoming episodes in the future of The Leet World series are just jokes… or are they?

Check out this thread in the forums to find out more about the questions that we either didn’t have the time to answer, or that we did answer but had to edit for time’s sake.

And, remember, to subscribe to the podcast feed, put this link into your feed reader:

Coming Soon…

When there are no updates, you should know that lots of stuff is going down. Things you should expect this week:

1) The Leet World podcast, Episode 3

2) Another short from the Smooth Few Films gang (not CSS or Halo related).  You won’t want to miss it.

3) The first screenies of Episode Nine

These things will be here soon, my friends.  Soon.

Theme Song!

There are a lot of questions that we get asked repeatedly while producing our silly little internet series. Let’s run through a few of them, shall we?

“When is (insert episode number) coming?”

“Can I be a voice?”

“Will you marry me?”

“Where can I download the theme song?”

For some reason, we’ve never posted the theme song to The Leet World here. I guess we were always busy, you know, making the show. Jace, aka Damn Dangerous writes the music for our series, and you can definitely check him out at his myspace page– add him as a friend, he likes those. You can also get the theme tune here:

I know you’re all starving for Episode Nine details- but not yet. You will know more soon. For now, feel free to sign up for the forums, help us build our community, and re-watch your favorite episodes. Also, I have rounded up some of the best news tidbits of the last week or so from around the gaming industry:

The top 10 blunders of 2007, Sony repeats that MGS4 is PS3 exclusive, video games lead to a father shooting a son, the 360 is on pace for gaming’s best year ever, Japan loves them some Wii, and Warner Bros. sticks a fork in the next-gen format war.

We’re in the Future!

We are now in 2008. Where are my flying cars and robots? Nowhere. The future is lies, I’ve decided.

In honor of this new year, I bring to you more gifts, tidings, etc. First, we’ve been hearing that some people want the lolcat picture from the holiday special…


Second, I have the audio outtakes from Episode Eight. Funny stuff. To me, one of the best parts is when I’m doing the voice of the combine soldier (pre-effects, of course), and I slip into doing Cortez. I kind of freaked out when I did it, because it was so sudden. Also, every time Nick goes off in the “Chet” persona, it’s always hilarious. Give it a listen.

Happy New Year, dudes!

The Leet World Holiday Special

Downloads: Quicktime, Quicktime HD, iPod, WMV.

Presenting… The Leet World Holiday Special! We asked each of The Leet World cast members what they got for Christmas this year.  It’s a card, from us to you. Try to imagine it in an envelope in your mailbox.

From us to You…

Just like I promised, I have arrived this morning bearing gifts! Well, one gift to be exact. The Leet World Holiday Special! It’s a card, from us to you. Try to imagine it in an envelope in your mailbox. Sure, it’s a couple of days late, but I doubt there will be much complaining about that. Give it a watch. Share it with your friends.

There are also some other versions available for download…

HD Mpeg 4

640 x 360 Mpeg 4

640 x 360 WMV

Remember, there will be plenty of other extras coming in the next couple of weeks. And maybe even another video. Stay tuned!

Loot Whores!

Smooth Few Films wishes all of you dudes and dudettes a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc. From the bottom of our hearts, you have made the latter half of 2007 a year to remember.

I’d like to remind you all that Santa could be leaving a pretty special present here in the next couple of days. I hear it’s so cool he couldn’t even get it here by Christmas. So be sure and check the website, which for the purpose of this metaphor shall be a Christmas tree. And no, the present is not a subtitled version of Episode Eight (though you should expect that at some point soon as well). It’s niftier than that.

Also, drop by the forums and weigh in on your loot!

The Leet World, 1.8: If It Bleeds…

Downloads: Quicktime HD, iPod, WMV.

Someone has a bone to pick with The Leet World cast! Who is this mysterious character, and what are his true intentions? Who will survive the showdown? And how will the teams cope when they are pushed to their limits? It’s the midseason finale of The Leet World!