Merry Christmas, Sorta

Howdy everyone and Merry Christmas.

We’ve been extremely bad at updating over the last couple of months, but I wanted to assure everybody that Leet World is still in production – it’s just been mega slow over the last 6 weeks or so. I know that’s not what anybody wants to hear and it stinks to say. The hope was to really push hard in November and December and see if we could barely scrape by for release but life got in the way.

All of us have been working like crazy in our real life jobs (some of us 2 and 3, in the case of Jace and myself), plus this is just a generally hectic time of year, especially if you’ve got kiddos like myself. Add to that the fact that I had a book come out and publicity I had to do, plus the time I’ve been putting into Rooster Teeth’s gaming news show, The Know, and I’ve barely had much time for Leet World.

However, things are still moving! Episode 5 is in the midst of audio and pre-production, and the script that we’ve got proooooobably ranks it as one of the best episodes of Leet World in my book – not to mention one of the most memorable. Episode 4 is finally at a place where we can start building it more rapidly and Episode 3 is soon to be in editing.

We decided not to waste limited production time readying a bunch of shots for a trailer, but we do want to give you guys an extended look, hopefully sometime soon. We sort of want to tie that with a release date, so that may take us some more time to nail down. We just don’t want to overcommit and miss the mark, and we’re trying to get as much in the can as possible so we can release these things on a very regular schedule (and not have any delays in the middle of the season).

So – apologies for not updating sooner. We were hoping to get a video out on Christmas with some of these details, but that’ll probably happen in another week or so. Thanks for hanging in there and sticking around with us. We’re just trying to make the best show we can with limited free time. You guys rule. We appreciate your infinite patience.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone.

39 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, Sorta

  1. Petyr

    Happy Christmas guys!
    Just take your time and enjoy yourselves, we’ve waited this long already. Having said that, “an extended look” sounds like plenty of fun!

  2. pwezem

    Guys, don’t feel stressed by your fans to deliver on stringent deadlines. We’re happily supporting you in your work and looking forward to a show that you are happy with. Take your time, we’ll still be here when it’s ready.

    Also Eddy, not sure if you answer questions here any more, but what kind of work do you do for The Know? Glad to know I’m still getting a little subtle GamerSushi fix.

  3. Raoul Bădărău

    Thank you for this little update, I hope 2016 to be a good year with good luck for you. I’m greeting you from Romania, you are all around the globe. If this thing could happen, I will be happy to donate (I think I am not the only one) some money if that could help you relieve some time from your schedule.

    Anyways, I didn’t imagine TLW will be produced again so… BIG UP for you. Peace!

  4. Jason Enthonius

    I can’t 100% expect the 1st episode to be ready on time, 1 episode then follow to the next and so on, it can be really stressful not to mention SFM is not easy.

    Take care of yourselves, mate. We have come this far since it’s now the beginning of January 2016. All the best!

  5. Mkilbride

    We’ve waited like 8 years or so for more, we can wait a little longer.

    Wait, that can’t be right, can it?


    I remember making the english subtitles for all the Leet World episodes just by hear-and-type with my limited english. They were not perfect but good. Was that 6 years ago… Damn…

    Keep up the good work guys. I loved your work.

          1. pwezem

            Ahhh fantastic! Happy to see you guys back in action. Looking forward to hearing more about the podcast – I’m craving your ear candy.

  7. Vytas

    Guys, take your time, you don’t have to work day and night on Leet World, I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this, but we are still excited and overjoyed about Leet World coming back. You guys burned out once on Leet World,I don’t want that to happen again. So please take it easy, we will wait as long as it takes, because in the end it will be worth the wait.

    Greeting from Lithuania guys!

    1. Jeff

      We’re actually all very lifelike automatons now, but it’s nearly the same.

      Also, we’re still plugging away but it’s slow going due to [jobs/life/the insane difficulty of making anything], and we don’t have any significant updates at the moment. We haven’t really wanted to post again just to say “Not dead, but no updates yet, sorry!”

  8. Derpy

    The Leet World has returned.
    I would like to thank you, SmoothFewFilms, very much. You guys put time of yours into creating a legendary series and yet having to be busy with your time. 5 years we have waited an we can still wait. Thank you once again, do not stress yourself out and also….
    Stay Smooth

  9. Botyk

    No updates after 4 months? What’s going on, guys? If the production is still going you would have something to show us now. If you don’t have anything to show, production is on one place, right?

    1. Jeff

      Hopefully we can provide some kind of update soon, but my previous comment still stands. Sorry for the long radio silence!

      1. Botyk

        Glad to hear that everything is awesome. Can’t wait til the next update! Stay Smooth!

  10. Mr Fish

    Very hyped for that screenshot of Montrose also the new animations in the trailers. Gonna miss the nodding of knives and weapons :3

  11. Gidra

    “Soon” is a very loose concept. In the last post you said that you’ll update soon, but there was no updates in a while. Does your “soon” mean days or months? We’re not forcing you, we just want a little more clearness in the situation. That’s all)

    1. Jeff

      We say “soon” because we are eternally optimistic. I know it’s frustrating that we haven’t provided any concrete details, but at the moment we just don’t have a good way of predicting when we’ll have something ready to share. We don’t want to provide another estimated release date until we are 100% sure we can deliver on that promise.

  12. Bronze Star

    I beg you , release the first two series. And then you want to put off lope . All the community has long been waiting for the first two series . Where you’ve been , it took 4 months.

    1. Jeff

      I’m assuming you’re referring to the first two episodes of season three. We’ll start releasing episodes once we’re ready, and not any sooner than that. I know that’s hard to understand when it feels like you’ve been waiting forever, but there isn’t really anything else I can tell you right now.

  13. Travis

    Hey Jeff and gang,

    I hope this comment finds you all well. We understand that production can stall through hard parts or the monotonous parts. We also understand you can’t provide a concrete release date. But would it be safe to assume that by Christmas 2016 we could expect at least one episode? Is there anything we, the SFF loving community, can do to help?


    1. Jeff

      Sorry, but this question still falls under “We don’t want to provide another estimated release date until we are 100% sure we can deliver on that promise.”

      We’ll definitely let the community know if there is anything they can do to help. Right now, patience and understanding are the best way to help.

  14. Daniel Sheehan / Rocoro

    Everyone relax. Houston is currently a giant toilet bowl of rain water. Flooding is rampart and everyone is skipping town. Give them time. Good things come to those who wait!

      1. Daniel Sheehan / Rocoro

        Well that’s just Eddy. No one cares about him xD

        I didn’t realize you SFF guys are in California now.

        1. Jeff

          Oh, yeah, the rest of us have been in LA for a while now. I moved here the most recently and I’ve been here almost three years, haha.

    1. Mike Patton

      It’s more of a personal question. I’ve found out about the Leet World return like few days ago, and I’m very excited! Even though the trailer I’ve watched was released back in the end of 2014! I guess some people may run out of patience at this moment xD

      Back to the season, can’t wait for it’s release!

  15. DumBB

    Wohooooooo goods to know that this website is still on work, keep the good work guys, i really dont care on how long its take, only care what was you are going to said no matter wat

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