The Leet World Season 3 VLOG: Going Big Time

We’ve got a big announcement. Season 3 is going big time, since everyone is super famous and in Hollywood now.

OK, that’s not really the announcement, however, the live action animator reference files are SERIOUSLY going to make for some of the best special features ever. Nick and Daniel hilariously act out every scene of the show between the two of them, and it’s some of my favorite stuff ever. You guys are going to love them as our between-episode special features.

Stay smooth, everyone.

3 thoughts on “The Leet World Season 3 VLOG: Going Big Time

  1. Daniel Sheehan / Rocoro

    These vlogs are freaking hilarious. It’s kinda cool to see that you’re doing live action work to help the storyboarding along. I know major movies do this the other way around, with CGI modeled scenes that are put into film.

    I wish that I was really knowledgable with SFM enough to lend a hand.

    In a serious and random note I’m really upset that this isn’t as popular as it is. Leet World Season 3 will be the first ever SFM scripted series.

    I knew Ross Scott (creator of Freeman’s Mind) and worked with him on a few of his videos. He and Dasboschitt (Gmod Machinima creator) set up GorillaGong and honestly a thing like this would be COLOSSAL over there. I know you dudes gave a definite “no” on having your videos up there, but GG is an anti-Machinima of sorts.

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