The Leet World

In The Leet World, a Machinima based in Counter-Strike: Source, 4 CT's and 4 T's are placed in a house together and we see what happens when they stop being noobs... and start acting leet!

Reality Bites

1.1: Reality Bites

It’s the first week of The Leet World, and everyone is learning more about their place in the house. But the team leaders have decided that things aren’t quite up to par, and that something needs to be done… How will the contestants respond?

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Dirty Deeds

1.2: Dirty Deeds

The Leet World contestants have grown accustomed to their teammates- but now there’s a twist! Who is the mysterious “Producer”? And what happens when everyone has to work together?

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Set Up Us The Bomb

1.3: Set Up Us The Bomb

It had to happen at some point- the Counter-Terrorists have discovered that the Terrorists brought bombs to the house! Tensions are rising in the teams, and something is about to hit the fan. How long before someone snaps? And who is going to get hurt in the fallout?

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Dust 2 Dust

1.4: Dust 2 Dust

It’s challenge week on The Leet World! This is the first of three challenges to determine once and for all who’s better: CT’s or T’s. Have the teams worked together long enough to be effective? Which of the noobs will hurt his team more? Will Leeroy get his revenge on Cortez? And which team will […]

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1.5: Fallout

The Leet World is a reality show set in Counter-Strike: Source that places CT’s and T’s against one another in order to determine who is the best! Now that the first challenge has come and gone, each of the teams is getting to go on vacation to beautiful Italy! Unfortunately, it turns out that each […]

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Crib Appeal

1.6: Crib Appeal

The house is falling apart, and Montrose is going to take action! How will the contestants handle the new additions to the house? Will renovations take everyone’s mind off of the recent drama? And what happens when sabotage enters the picture?

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Got Disappeared

1.7: Got Disappeared

Uh oh! One of the CT’s has gone missing! Sounds like everyone has to work together to find him. Who is to blame? Is it a ploy by the terrorists? Or is something far more dangerous at play?

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If It Bleeds…

1.8: If It Bleeds…

Someone has a bone to pick with The Leet World cast! Who is this mysterious character, and what are his true intentions? Who will survive the showdown? And how will the teams cope when they are pushed to their limits? It’s the midseason finale of The Leet World!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

1.9: Satisfaction Guaranteed

The mysterious figure has come and gone, leaving behind a slew of questions- and a hefty bill. It looks like The Leet World contestants are going to have to get jobs to pay for the damage! But will a shadow of the past begin to rear its ugly head? And what’s gotten into Ahmad?

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Reel Drama

1.10: Reel Drama

The cast members try to resume their daily routines after a rough couple of weeks, but it’s proving a little difficult. The feud between two contestants begins to boil to a fury- will Leeroy’s new project be enough to keep morale afloat? And Westheimer makes a shocking discovery!

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Wrong Side of the Hax

1.11: Wrong Side of the Hax

The pulse-pounding second challenge has arrived. This could be the end of the line for the Terrorists! Will the Counter-Terrorists overcome their secret weapon? And just how far will Ahmad go to prove that he isn’t a noob anymore?

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Attack of the Noob

1.12: Attack of the Noob

Everyone in the house is nervous now that Ahmad’s hax addiction is out in the open. Will the teams band together to put a stop to his rampant abuse, or will the Terrorists have to sort the problems out for themselves. Also, with all of these distractions, will anyone notice the secret threat that looms […]

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The Brothers Cardinal

1.13: The Brothers Cardinal

Cortez has been captured by the Counter-Terrorists! What will the end result of his interrogation with Westheimer be? Will the Terrorists be kicked off of the show? And the threat of the Ocho Muertos moves closer and closer… L337- No glasses model can be found here.

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Death Comes Home, Part 1

1.14: Death Comes Home, Part 1

New challengers have arrived to face the show’s contestants! How will the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists respond to this new threat? What will the Producer do? Who will ultimately become the champion of Season One of The Leet World?

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Death Comes Home, Part 2

1.15: Death Comes Home, Part 2

New challengers have arrived to face the show’s contestants! How will the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists respond to this new threat? What will the Producer do? Who will ultimately become the champion of Season One of The Leet World?

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Death Comes Home, Part 3

1.16: Death Comes Home, Part 3

New challengers have arrived to face the show’s contestants! How will the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists respond to this new threat? What will the Producer do? Who will ultimately become the champion of Season One of The Leet World?

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The Return

2.1: The Return

The Counter-Terrorists are ready for the new season of The Leet World, having spent most of the summer wining and dining as celebrities. However, some things are amiss as not every member of the team is on the same page. And just what can we expect from the arrival of new Terrorists?

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The Shady Bunch

2.2: The Shady Bunch

Both teams are back in the house, and everything is just the way it used to be. Or is it? How will the CT’s react to a team of T’s that has finally banded together to win the competition? And just what are they hiding from everyone?

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Trial By Inferno

2.3: Trial By Inferno

The first challenge has arrived! However, it looks like the rules have changed this season. What kind of leg up do the current champions get? And how far will Westheimer go to win? It’s an epic showdown at de_inferno!

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Fight Nubs

2.4: Fight Nubs

The second season is rolling along, and so is the drama! After a controversial end to the first challenge, the Counter-Terrorists try to pick up the pieces. How far will teammates go to settle the score?

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Return to Sender

2.5: Return to Sender

Now that new alliances are forming and secrets are being shared, it’s time for things to get mixed up in the house yet again. With the arrival of new guests, The Leet World contestants must be ready for anything before the next challenge arrives- or face dire consequences.

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2.6: Thunderhead

As the second challenge begins, something dark is looming around the contestants of The Leet World. With Westheimer distracted by his mission from the Producer, will the Terrorists pull off the victory and become the champions of the second season? And just where exactly do Leeroy’s loyalties lie?

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2.7: Tempest

It’s round 2 of the 2nd challenge, and something sinister is afoot. What surprise does Westheimer have in store for the Terrorists, and what happens when the Producer’s errand disrupts the entire game? One thing’s for sure- nothing will be quite the same.

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Hide and Sneak

2.8: Hide and Sneak

The house has changed since a recent subtraction and addition to one of the teams, and everybody is feeling it. Will Asher get the CT’s to work together again? How will the Terrorists pursue their plan? And why is Player acting so strange?

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Stranger in the House

2.9: Stranger in the House

Is it already time for a new challenge? The teams discuss their strengths and weaknesses in order to pick the candidate that is right for the job. But what’s the catch? And just what is Asher up to, after all?

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Wake Me Up Before You Go

2.10: Wake Me Up Before You Go

The Terrorists have been caught in a trap, and it looks like the Counter-Terrorists could be next. How will the cast respond to a renegade Asher… and just how far will someone go to save a friend?

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Death’s Dungeon

2.11: Death’s Dungeon

While the cast reacts to the passing of a friend, they wait for Leeroy to tell them what he knows. Just where has he been, and what has he found out about the Producer’s schemes?

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I, Cyborg

2.12: I, Cyborg

The cast reacts to Leeroy’s discoveries in different ways, putting them on opposing sides of a new conflict. Can they all band together when an enemy emerges from among them?

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Army of One, Part 1

2.13: Army of One, Part 1

The series finale of The Leet World begins! The Producer sheds some light on the mystery surrounding Player, the house is under siege and some of the cast has fled. Will the remaining members work together to stop the Producer’s army?

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Army of One, Part 2

2.14: Army of One, Part 2

When we last left our heroes, they were facing off against an army of Player bots set out on total destruction. Will they hold their own against the unending horde? Will Chet and Player succeed in their covert mission? And who is the mysterious new visitor? It’s The Leet World series finale!

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