Who are you guys?

Nick Comardo, Daniel Miller and Eddy Rivas do all of the production work. Jace Ford makes the music, and Jeff James is the webmaster. Eddy and Jeff share writing duties for both The Leet World and Web Zeroes.

Are you working on anything new right now?

We recently released our first live-action short, The Devil of Destiny. Check it out!

Will there be a third season of The Leet World?

Why don’t you watch this cool video?

If I send you money, will you make a third season of The Leet World?

I dunno, I think you should watch this cool video.

What about a Leet World movie? Is that still happening?

Haha I don’t know why we ever thought a movie was a good idea. Watch this cool video instead.

Do you care if I make my own Leet World videos?

No, but why not create something of your own and tell an original story?

Whatever happened to G.R.I.E.F., the Halo machinima you announced in 2008?

Unfortunately, we never got the time to make G.R.I.E.F., and it was quickly moved to the back burner. Circa 2014, we still don’t have any plans to resurrect it.

How long did episodes of The Leet World take to make?

It changed from episode to episode, depending on the complexity of shots and how many set-ups there were, but it averaged a few weeks. This was why we were never able to keep to a set schedule.

Can I buy The Leet World on DVD?

No. If anyone tries to sell you a Leet World DVD, or if you see one on eBay or another auction site, please don’t buy the DVD – not only is it illegal, that person is trying to profit off of our hard work.

Who are the voice actors for The Leet World?

Chet – Nick Comardo
Westheimer – Eddy Rivas
Leeroy – Kerry
Montrose – Eddy Rivas
Ellis – Daniel Miller
Cortez – Eddy Rivas
Ahmad – Ben
Producer – Nick Comardo
Adam Sizzler – Daniel Miller
“Domination” – Eddy Rivas
Mendoza – Ty Mahany
Pablo – Doug Hanshaw
Dr. Soong – Jeff James
Asher – Ty Mahany

Who are the actors in Web Zeroes?

Alex – Eddy Rivas
Nate – Nick Comardo
Ray – Daniel Miller
Diane – Jennifer Rivas
Bobby King – Ty Mahany
Max – Jeff James
Hobo – Miles McMahon
Mulligan – Ben

Who are the behind-the-scenes crew for Web Zeroes?

Writing – Eddy Rivas, Jeff James
Directing – Daniel Miller
Editing – Nick Comardo
Sound Design – Alex Adamitis
Music – Jace Ford
Camera – Chuck Dotson

Who writes the music for The Leet World and Web Zeroes?

Jace Ford. You can follow Jace Ford Music on Facebook.

Jace does all of the music for our shows, except for the remix of the theme song used in Episode 14, season 1 of The Leet World. That was done by a contest-winner. Every single other piece was one of his original compositions.

Where can I download the Leet World theme song?


What about the season one soundtrack?

The complete soundtrack is now available on Bandcamp.

Will you ever release a soundtrack album for season two?

No. Creating the season one soundtrack was actually fairly involved. When Jace put together the first soundtrack, he took a bunch of short snippets and expanded them into full-fledged songs so that they would be worth listening to on their own.

If Jace was going to take time out of his very busy schedule to do this, it would have happened while the show was still running. Also, we don’t want to release a bunch of song fragments and call it a soundtrack. That wouldn’t live up to our personal standards of quality.

Also, as of 2015, we’re deep in the middle of production for season three of the show. We definitely don’t have any time to devote to creating a soundtrack for season two.

Where I can find outtakes from the recording sessions for The Leet World?

Look for posts in the outtakes category. We didn’t release outtakes for every episode, but all of the outtakes we created are available there. Unfortunately, no further outtakes will be released for the episodes not covered.

Did you use GMod/etc. to make The Leet World?

The show was primarily shot in Counter-Strike Source. GMod was used for things like logs falling from trees.

How did you capture the footage for The Leet World?

AJA Kona LH (PCI-X) over component.

What programs do you use to make your shows?

Final Cut Studio, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.