It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Leet World vlog update. Because of reasons. We shed a tiny bit of light on why that is in our new update, but the gist of it is this: Source Filmmaker is super hard.

We’ve recently had to slow down quite a bit in order to speed up later. The best analogy is this: you’re trying to push a wheelbarrow with square wheels up a huge hill. The temptation is just to keep shoving the damn thing forward because you’re making “progress”, but really it makes more sense to stop, take off the wheels and get better ones.

Right now we’re changing out for better wheels, and it’s stalled production by about a month and a half. However, there’s still a chance we’ll make our originally projected release date, but we just won’t know for sure until we get about a month or so of rolling with our new wheels.

Hopefully that makes sense. The next big update from us should include actual release dates, new footage and our first real glimpse of the story.

Get hyped.

5 thoughts on “The Leet World VLOG: SRS UPDATE

  1. Dan Sheehan / Rocoro

    Hey great a new update! It’s actually good to hear that you’re changing the wheels on that wheelbarrow. Production must have been frustrating, but I hope this puts you guys on the right track.

    I can wait a few months. You guys are working your asses off for one hell of a series.

  2. Petyr

    Take your time! As long as the update videos are as funny as this, I can survive. BTW, whose idea was it to use TTGL to hype me up? It’s working!


    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann! Ore wa dare da to omotte iru.
    Keep up the good work guys. Here’s a good comment for you.

  4. Zach

    Definitely important, true fans I’m sure are willing to wait however long it takes. I mean, you’re giving updates so it’s not like half life 3 or anything!

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