Leet World Season 3: The Bros Are Back



We got a new screenshot for you, this time of everyone’s favorite bros. The first two* episodes of the season are appropriately titled “Reunion,” as they primarily deal with getting The Leet World cast back together to deal with <secrets>. I still get kind of giddy seeing the characters together again. In some ways it’s like they never left that weird spot in my brain reserved for Leet World.

Hope you all feel the same when you see it.

Leet World Season 3: Chet and Player

The Bros Are Back

More to come.

*episodes subject to change because reasons

8 thoughts on “Leet World Season 3: The Bros Are Back

  1. Daniel Sheehan / Rocoro


    Great screeny. Leeroy’s new lair? The insides of that warehouse from the newest trailer? I can only speculate what this is. Player looks just as confused as I do.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, guys!

  2. Eddy Post author

    Daniel I first read your comment as “Leeroy’s new hair” and was so confused and wondering what screenshot got out that wasn’t supposed to.

  3. f0rest

    Best show is about to begin and i have a question
    1.If i saw right on The Leet World Background i saw Ahmad with a Tec-9 and Leeroy with M4A1-S(Does this mean they are going to use cs:go weapons?)

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