Well, Shit. Ten Years?

So, here’s the thing: I fully intended to post something here commemorating the tenth anniversary of the original Leet World trailer, first released on June 21st, 2007, but I have to admit that life got in the way and I lost track of time, so this post is a little late.

Can you believe it’s been that long since the guys first released a dumb video on YouTube?

Let’s all watch it again and remember more innocent times:

What else is going on with us, you may ask?

Well, despite all appearances to the contrary, we’re actually still working on season three. Hard to believe at this point, I know, but it’s true.

Hopefully we’ll have an update to share with you guys soon. For now, everything that Daniel says in last year’s update is still true.

Thanks for being fans all these many years.

May Update and Some Frequently Asked Questions

Hello friends! Jeff here. I know it’s been quiet around here recently (unless you’ve been following the comments on Eddy’s most recent post), but today we’ve got a quick video update for you as well as answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

First up, here’s the video:

Now that you’ve watched that, I’m sure you’re just bursting with questions, so I’ve answered some of the most frequently asked after the jump.

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Merry Christmas, Sorta

Howdy everyone and Merry Christmas.

We’ve been extremely bad at updating over the last couple of months, but I wanted to assure everybody that Leet World is still in production – it’s just been mega slow over the last 6 weeks or so. I know that’s not what anybody wants to hear and it stinks to say. The hope was to really push hard in November and December and see if we could barely scrape by for release but life got in the way.

All of us have been working like crazy in our real life jobs (some of us 2 and 3, in the case of Jace and myself), plus this is just a generally hectic time of year, especially if you’ve got kiddos like myself. Add to that the fact that I had a book come out and publicity I had to do, plus the time I’ve been putting into Rooster Teeth’s gaming news show, The Know, and I’ve barely had much time for Leet World.

However, things are still moving! Episode 5 is in the midst of audio and pre-production, and the script that we’ve got proooooobably ranks it as one of the best episodes of Leet World in my book – not to mention one of the most memorable. Episode 4 is finally at a place where we can start building it more rapidly and Episode 3 is soon to be in editing. Continue reading

Is It November Already?

As per our last update, we are pushing as hard as we can on The Leet World. December looms, and with it our original announced release window of 2015 for season 3 of The Leet World. Are we going to make it?

We’re still not sure. Really it depends how much more we can get through by the first week of December. Things are moving much more quickly now that we’ve fixed our process — seriously, stuff that used to take us weeks now only takes a night or two — but the volume of work is so high it’s hard to pinpoint where we are right now. Ideally, we’ll have multiple episodes finished when we start releasing, so we can release them on a set, extremely regular schedule which I will not give any more details on just yet.

But be assured: things are improving. I really wish we could show you more, and soon you’ll start to see a bit more when we can get a trailer ready. My hope is early December for that.

To be honest, I haven’t been able to do near as much work on Leet World as I would like these days, but Daniel, Nick, Jace and Jeff plus our awesome team have really been cranking through scenes and creating awesome stuff. It’s seriously inspiring the amount of stuff that’s getting done right now.

Why haven’t I been able to do more? Well for one, I’ve got a book coming out tomorrow. Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide will be in stores everywhere starting tomorrow, so if you love me you should buy it. Hell, even if you don’t love me you should buy it.

In addition to that, I’ve been writing for Rooster Teeth’s gaming news show The Know. This is a temporary gig, but it’s definitely taking up the majority of my free time. So watch that if you followed GamerSushi at all and want more gaming goodness.

More coming here soon. Thanks everyone.


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Leet World vlog update. Because of reasons. We shed a tiny bit of light on why that is in our new update, but the gist of it is this: Source Filmmaker is super hard.

We’ve recently had to slow down quite a bit in order to speed up later. The best analogy is this: you’re trying to push a wheelbarrow with square wheels up a huge hill. The temptation is just to keep shoving the damn thing forward because you’re making “progress”, but really it makes more sense to stop, take off the wheels and get better ones.

Right now we’re changing out for better wheels, and it’s stalled production by about a month and a half. However, there’s still a chance we’ll make our originally projected release date, but we just won’t know for sure until we get about a month or so of rolling with our new wheels.

Hopefully that makes sense. The next big update from us should include actual release dates, new footage and our first real glimpse of the story.

Get hyped.

The Standoff: Leet World Season 3 Screenshot

Another screenshot from The Leet World Season 3. This time, Montrose finds himself in a rather precarious situation. Who are these masked CSGO baddies? What do they want? And just how is Montrose going to get out of this predicament? Perhaps his boots will have some part to play.

The world may never know. *

*The world will totally actually know, when the episode featuring this scene is released.

leet world season 3 screenshot montrose

“You think you can take on four men… all by yourself?”

The Leet World Season 3 VLOG: Going Big Time

We’ve got a big announcement. Season 3 is going big time, since everyone is super famous and in Hollywood now.

OK, that’s not really the announcement, however, the live action animator reference files are SERIOUSLY going to make for some of the best special features ever. Nick and Daniel hilariously act out every scene of the show between the two of them, and it’s some of my favorite stuff ever. You guys are going to love them as our between-episode special features.

Stay smooth, everyone.

Leet World Season 3: The Bros Are Back



We got a new screenshot for you, this time of everyone’s favorite bros. The first two* episodes of the season are appropriately titled “Reunion,” as they primarily deal with getting The Leet World cast back together to deal with <secrets>. I still get kind of giddy seeing the characters together again. In some ways it’s like they never left that weird spot in my brain reserved for Leet World.

Hope you all feel the same when you see it.

Leet World Season 3: Chet and Player

The Bros Are Back

More to come.

*episodes subject to change because reasons

The Leet World VLOG: July Update

We’ve got a new VLOG up to update everyone on some Leet World Season 3 progress. Although for you savvy blog folks, you’ll already know a lot of what’s going on because you’re just so dang smart and awesome.

Again, thanks for sticking with us and being excited about the show. I say it a lot because we’re really immensely grateful that you guys are watching and paying attention.

When we first started talking about timelines, we didn’t know if we were jumping the gun to announce this thing back in November before significant work had started on it. But looking back, I’m not sure how we could have kept our enthusiasm up while working on it in secret for so long. You guys have really made the difference.

Keep your eyes on this space. More screenshots and videos coming soon.

Doing Lots of Rough Stuff

Hi all! It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, and for good reason. We’re more than a little busy at the moment touching parts of 4 different episodes in various (sometimes dirty) ways. In fact, we’ve hit a really huge milestone in production and are ready to check out our first cut of Episode 1.

Does this mean the episode’s almost finished? Not at all. Rough cuts are just what they sound like, and barely watchable unless you know what you’re looking for. It’s more of the bones of an episode, and it’s after the rough cut that you really pile on the meat.

At the same time we’re getting ready to start cutting Episode 2, we’re building the scenes for Episode 3 and working on maps for Episode 4. There’s a lot of stuff to juggle, but we finally feel like we’ve nailed our production pipeline down and things are really soaring.

But in addition to those things, we’ve got some other stuff going on creatively as well. Daniel, for instance, has been working with his comedy group, The Magnificent, whose hilarious video Water Mouth just passed 340,000 views on Funny or Die recently. You guys should check out more of their stuff.

In addition, I just had some big news drop about a project I’ve been working on for the last year — a Red vs. Blue book I’ve been writing with Rooster Teeth and Dey Street Books! It’s coming out on November 17 in book stores and is going to be really funny and full of stuff Red vs. Blue fans will love. You should pre-order it because then maybe I’ll get to write more books some day.

Anyway, that’s a quick (but full) update on where we are at the moment. Thanks for checking in on Leet World — we’ve got some cool stuff coming soon.