Is It November Already?

As per our last update, we are pushing as hard as we can on The Leet World. December looms, and with it our original announced release window of 2015 for season 3 of The Leet World. Are we going to make it?

We’re still not sure. Really it depends how much more we can get through by the first week of December. Things are moving much more quickly now that we’ve fixed our process — seriously, stuff that used to take us weeks now only takes a night or two — but the volume of work is so high it’s hard to pinpoint where we are right now. Ideally, we’ll have multiple episodes finished when we start releasing, so we can release them on a set, extremely regular schedule which I will not give any more details on just yet.

But be assured: things are improving. I really wish we could show you more, and soon you’ll start to see a bit more when we can get a trailer ready. My hope is early December for that.

To be honest, I haven’t been able to do near as much work on Leet World as I would like these days, but Daniel, Nick, Jace and Jeff plus our awesome team have really been cranking through scenes and creating awesome stuff. It’s seriously inspiring the amount of stuff that’s getting done right now.

Why haven’t I been able to do more? Well for one, I’ve got a book coming out tomorrow. Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide will be in stores everywhere starting tomorrow, so if you love me you should buy it. Hell, even if you don’t love me you should buy it.

In addition to that, I’ve been writing for Rooster Teeth’s gaming news show The Know. This is a temporary gig, but it’s definitely taking up the majority of my free time. So watch that if you followed GamerSushi at all and want more gaming goodness.

More coming here soon. Thanks everyone.

5 thoughts on “Is It November Already?

  1. hideinbush

    I had actually just stumbled across The Know and liked the discussion, so I looked at the writing credit and saw your name. Gamersushi had many exceptional articles and I was pretty bummed when it closed shop, so I was relieved to see that you were still in the game. Congratulations with the book too!

    Anyway glad to hear things are still moving along. Keep it up!

  2. Dan Sheehan / Rocoro

    Congrats on your coffee table book, Eddy! Take all the time you need on TLW. I’m as patient as a Hindu cow.

    I’m going to check out some of your “Know” episodes after work. Or during work. I’m impatient.

  3. TLW Rus

    Wow! The new LW trailer is coming! We are really looking forward to see it! So far, we have been wondering about the “Superfan”, and now you are going to uncover the truth to all of us 🙂
    Keep going!

  4. Guy that hypes from TLW more then from SW

    Hype is sooooo real now, when the Christmas is coming. I really hope there’s gonna be something on 25th of December! CANT WAIT!

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