It is Nigh

Not the end. Episode Ten.

I know you’ve all been waiting for an update, so here it is: Episode Ten is coming very soon. Over the week, we’ve hit a few snags, so I don’t want to say exactly when it’ll be- just keep in mind that whenever that fabled release moment is, it’s soon.

The Bag Boy is receiving some solid attention, which is nice. Much thanks to for giving us some face time. The idea for the video came about a few weeks ago. We wondered what it would be like if two guys were in combat together and one of them teabagged a “corpse”, as it were. What kind of reaction would that elicit in real life? I think the end result came out pretty well.

Some notable gaming links: Zero Punctuation’s GDC Special, Final Fantasy XIII in 2010, the 15 most annoying game characters, MS gets a red ring of death at GDC, tons of new Mario Kart Wii info, and Mario Galaxies on the SNES. The last link is actually kind of incredible.

15 thoughts on “It is Nigh

  1. Pharoahgakash

    wii first to post! (not that it’s really a contest…) Since i am on…. i figured i would ppl know that i posted a second Audio Surf Video on meh YouTube page. This time, it’s on the Elite Mode (what a better way to should Leet then playing the Leet World Theme Song on Elite Mode, and pwning! (that, and setting a high score…again.) Anyway (before i start to ramble…) Check it out!

    it may take it awhile to upload (but i am doing that as i type this.)

  2. Eddy

    Hey man, thanks for the comment, and I’m glad you check our site often. In the future, it’d be cool if you could do that kind of plugging on our forums instead of these updates. I’d hate for the comments section to get filled up with links from everybody and their kind mommas.

    Thanks bud. 🙂

  3. Produzer

    next pod cast you guys gotta talk about GEARS OF WAR 2, i havent been this excited sense i first saw the leet world

  4. Hiders

    Dude,that said that leet world created Halo 3 Bag Boy,And The portal one,and not Smooth few film….which is kinda weird…….because they used The Leet World name instead of Smooth Few film……I already commented there by the way….:P and cant wait for episode 10 😀

  5. Mr Saito

    ahahahaha….. you guys should use vocaloid software for the voices, it’ll be funny and you guys should make a few medical NPC’s to treat the loser of Player Vs. Ahmad, lol *laughing* And I got the tenth post…. No bad… Atleast I’m in the top ten

  6. P|aY3r_4_|1f3

    1 r $uCh A fAn 0f |ee7 w0R|d 7hA7 1 mAd3 a Ur $173 a HyP3r |1Nk 1n My $173.1 d0n7 kN0w h0W Man1 p3oP|e3 V1$17 17 bU7 1 70|d 7h3m 17’$ 7h3 b3$7 $173 3vAr!!1

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