38 thoughts on “Escape from City 17

  1. Aaox

    Wow. Massive :O face- That’s awesome. I can’t imagine how they pulled that all off, suffice to say it must’ve taken months to put it all together. Maybe even longer.

  2. Arctic Avenger

    What a few good people can do in there free time. And with a limited budget. Awesome job. They really captured the atmosphere in the final hours of City 17, when people were trying to leave and the combine wanting to put an end to the rebellion.

    Can you imagine what they would do if they had more money ? D:

  3. SnRaider

    This is a hell of a lot better than some of the professional stuff I’ve seen. I hope to see more of this in the future.

  4. Gorzam

    That. Is. Absoulety. Awesome.

    I want a Half-Life 2 movie now. You know? Like 100 million dollar hollywood action movie! …or something like that.

  5. Arctic Avenger

    [quote comment=”13867″]That. Is. Absoulety. Awesome.

    I want a Half-Life 2 movie now. You know? Like 100 million dollar hollywood action movie! …or something like that.[/quote]
    Look what they did for 500$.

  6. Maxxef

    Damn, that’s insane.
    Somehow, I feel even Hollywood couldn’t pull this off as well as these guys have. The zombies in the ending looked pretty damn fantastic. If these guys hit it big time, I won’t be surprised one bit.

  7. Paperkut

    OMG got to admit ppl, sorry SMF you still rock but Purchase Brothers have done something huge in machinima and home making series. I still belive that you guys are gonna become even better than them and will make things ever greater. But everybody must admit… THAT WAS AMAZING!

  8. 5aga-m4n

    This is really cool. I remember when there was still buzz about the late Halo Movie, all links pointed toward this really crappy 10 min action teaser… but this is better, like 20 fold.

  9. SoundWave

    This is totally awesome sell they should sell their idea to someone or make a own business and make a real movie. They would probably gain million of dollars!

    No offence BUT TWL FTW!!!11111 xD

  10. dunno

    i almost forgot….
    where’s Gorden Freeman?
    i mean the citadel hasn’t collapsed yet….
    the background and hl2 characters are epic!!!
    they must have a lot of skill with computers

  11. Rustay4

    What a great movie…
    Good sound effects that were used well, great props and costumes, the camera shaking gave it a great look.
    Only thing I found bad was the voice acting.
    Overall its an amazing vid

  12. th3n00bk1ll3rpartdeux

    now, that’s what i call EPIC! they really captured the apocalyptic feel of City 17….kudos to them. 😀

  13. Arctic Avenger

    It’s a bit strange. Last night, the movie had on youtube around 30K views. This morning, it has around 390K.


  14. Cortez

    heh nice bat it stil looks like a game like thos moving mashines they look like cut out from the game and not so realistick. bat if more fix movie would be cool. bat zombies look bad 😀


    This is awesome 😀
    Everybody says “Still TLW is better”.
    Even Eddy told you, it’s not a competition, stop saying that !!!
    AWESOME !!!!
    I wouldn’t do this 4 nothing, only 4 money, I have 2nd level
    of film production (Medium) know Adobe AE, but this was taken to long to do !!!

  16. ...pwnzor...

    dude that was one of the most best movies created my a couple of people as in not a big company their like sff

  17. SNOWMAN7

    [quote comment=”13891″]can’t stop watching!!!! XD
    this is soooooo good
    wonder if valve will ever find out about these….[/quote]

    They already do dude. They re-tweeted, and even posted it on steam.

  18. Rustay4

    I hope they get together and make a full movie for the big screens. Think of the money they would get D:

  19. noobito

    dudes. this is awesome. It looks like a mix between lord of the rings (cause of the tower), war of the worlds (but more aliens), but with a half-life plot, characters and everything. This is just… epic.

    lolz, wut

  20. Dogma

    A friend of mine just sent me this earlier today, and I was thinking of coming over here to post it in the forums- glad to see I’ve been beaten to the punch.

    Personally this is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a looooong time! I’m really hoping they go into how they manage to do all of the effects, that’s something I really learn about.

  21. SNOWMAN7

    [quote comment=”13901″]How i can watch this? (Just got registered)[/quote]

    You might hav to download flash, or if your browsing on firefox you hav to download the plug-in. Then your off to see the awesomeness

  22. angeloftheafterlife

    dude, this is crazy… i have been wiating for something like this. they rock. it must have taken some serious dedication to do this. plus, there website is down from so many people trying to get on it. THATS CRAZY!!!!!!

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