The Dark Night

As was indicated at the end of the last episode, the storm is gathering for the folks at The Leet World house. We now present to you dudes Episode 6, Thunderhead, for your viewing enjoyment. In this episode, we see the second challenge, which has a slightly different feel than any of the other challenge episodes have had up to this point.

I’m really thinking you guys are going to dig this episode and the next one, which will be out by the end of March. Some cool stuff is going down, and I think you’ll like where it’s all pointing. Remember, you can check out a higher resolution version on the TLW premiere page.

Or, just check the episode out after the jump!


47 thoughts on “The Dark Night

  1. HEV Bucket

    great work but whyyyy did you have to end it in a cliffhanger like that?!??!?!!? That was cruel and unusual!!!!!

  2. Rustay4

    Is it just me or does it freeze every 3 seconds and have no sound? D: if its just me im gonna kill maself πŸ™

  3. LotsofLuck

    Another great episode, SFF! Really loved the writing in this one, Chet’s line breaking the 4th wall was skillfully done. Can’t wait to see how this finishes up!

    Edit: Oh yea, another great music score Damn Dangerous. Keep ’em coming!

  4. Hertzwijn

    Dudes, this was crazy. How can I even wait for the next eppisode, You guys are making it to hard for us. >.<‘

    The ct’s will win this challenge, but what will Leeroy do for the box, and what does the producer want with it?

  5. forestxqf

    seventh!, lol, but awsome episode, but WHY DID YOU HAVE TO END IT WITH A CLIFFHANGER?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. RoadieRunTank

    The best part was definitely when Chet and Montrose pulled off the Batman Begins scene.

  7. justin

    So epic. You MADE this map? Win. Win. Win. is anyone keeping track of how many times player has gotten first blood? πŸ˜€


    Also, you never told us how many people watch TLW, which was supposed to be on episode five of the podcast!


  8. captain canada

    Haha! Great work guys! I think that was a perfect challenge episode!

    I especially like Cortez getting flashed… or not flashed!

    I hope the Ts win in grand style πŸ™‚

  9. Dreamerakarapstarr

    man wat a good episode… my nephew is 13 and loves watching with me…he’s been asking me if theres a new episode every f’n day! glad there is and also so so glad that u did batman thing haha FIRST!?! lol


    AWESOME, nice bra’s !!
    Can I ask a quest ?
    Can you e-mail me something I ask you Eddy ?

    How you record all those scenes in TLW ???

    U have 2, 3 spectators or something ??

  11. cortez fan

    this was the awesomest episode in season 2 hope ts win good music and i dont know what i would do that im on leeroy s position…keep it up!and eddy pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls mail me a download of that cs_militia in night pls pls pls pls………and the e.mail is

  12. Nabsuh

    haha, really great references (“The goggles don’t work!”) πŸ™‚

    Props to you guys, really, besides the Season 1 finale and Episode 3 of Season 2, this is def one my favorite episodes.

    The music, was super awesome :D, somehow Damn-Dangerous composed the Producer’s theme, Asher’s theme and a new theme all into one. It really created an incredible episode (To be honest).

    The ending also reminded me of Halo 3 ODST, in the sense that it was in the rain and the music sounded so similar πŸ™‚

    You guys are incredible team, if only I had one like that XD


    Nice L4D reference at the beginning πŸ˜€ Made meh lulz

  13. angeloftheafterlife

    loved the episode guys… i was starting to feel like season 2 was not going to be as good as the first one, but this dispelled any thought of that! I wonder what that noise player keeps hearing is… sounds like a whale. o.O mabey it’s something to do with the box the T’s have? guess i’ll just have to wait and see.

  14. SirLeetAlot

    did u notice when Cortez awp’d Leeroy, his blood “splatted” on his picture?

    and GOD DAMN, SFF! You just love them cliffhangers don’t ya? I ALMOST hate you guys for it, but love your shows too much for that to happen.

  15. MarcusChief

    So that’s why they had the Nighttime version of CS_Militia back then, for this episode.

  16. dunno

    the marco scene = EPIC!!!
    can any1 guess wat the howling in the death room was?
    u noe…the part when player got first blood lolz
    hope its revealed on episode 7….

  17. Maxxef

    to quote a famous kazakhstani;
    wa wa wee wa! verr naice!

    seriously, dudes, i think this is the best episode yet. Jace did a killer job on the music, it was insanely sick in a brotally awesome way. keep it up, dudes.

    p.p.s. i can has download for the challenge map? it’s sickly wickedly insane.

  18. Denman_HG

    So many things to cover. Probably the best episode of the series, next to part 3 of the season 1 finale. I love the tension rising between the guys. I’m looking forward to the standoff between Asher and Leeroy which is most definitely coming. I hope Asher dies, just because this epic mini-arc won’t end well unless we lose a character, and I don’t want it to be one of the guys.

    Once again, the music perfectly sets the mood, just as with Trial by Inferno.

    HELL YEAH! Player’s role in the Death Room is being expanded on! I didn’t think we were going to find out more after the season 1 finale, like how he made the door appear, and what the sound was that only he heard. He’s becoming more of a key player and less comic relief.

    And finally, we learned Chet’s pretty badass. His scene where he killed Ahmad kicked ass. Granted he couldn’t measure up to Montrose (hilarious scene by the way), but I got a boner when the grenade came back through the window.

  19. Vergilz

    Awesome episode! Love how the weather n time of day looked on that map…. Loved the music… really made the whole thing mysterious….

    im guessing that the CTs are really gonna phail at the challenge… n i bet that leeroy has second thoughts on helping Whesti on helping him getting the “box”…

    Srsly… that producer really has something going on… and i cant wait till the Ts or Leeroy figures it out…

    Oh, n nice cliffhanger…. really worth it to wait for the next episode of leet world!


  20. forestxqf


  21. Mr. Munchlax

    Wow, awesome job as usual SFF! Words can not describe the epicness of this episode. I’ve watched “There Will Be Blood” and this episode tonight. That’s more than enough epicness for a whole week!

  22. Rustay4

    Player will probably show the CT’s the exit out of the Death room, so they just keep respawning and eventually win :3

  23. cortez fan

    im still worried about that scientist from the end of tlw season 1 and i the only one that remembers him………

  24. SirLeetAlot

    The way they did the marco scene, is that they quickly switched to Garry’s Mod on the same map, and used a Statue’d ragdoll to fall down behind Chet.

  25. SNOWMAN7

    Aha! I think they used a green screen for montrose`s marco trick. If you look closely, the lighting of the ragdoll is different with the background, and chet. So they mush hav put it in afterwords.
    Anyway it`s jus a well made scene!

  26. majonezar

    wow that rules

    and one more think whats going on with player wasnt that sound already used before in the death room ?

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  28. Rustay4

    Wait, how did Montrose kill Chet? I didnt hear any gun shots and Chet screamed so he wasnt really strangled lol

  29. Vergilz

    Well i think Montrose killed Chet by surprising Chet to Death… >.<…

    that is what i think happened to Chet…

  30. endplanets

    Easily one of the best episodes.
    Westheimer’s bait move shows how far he has fallen, and Leeroy’s sad choice really make this a dramatic episode.
    But what is going on in the death room, so many uestions there. And the security guard finally gets his time to shine, just like a flashbang on a blind guy. Though it is odd that Chets gun misses, but his grenade is spot on, he might be better with a spear than the rifle here.

    player NO
    cum get som bicthes
    that and fat chicks

  31. endplanets

    I was just thinking, a flash BANG would mess up Cortez, as the sound would mess ups his super hearing.
    So Leeroy is the real dumbass here, pains me to say it.

  32. Stefanus Lie

    Damn… Completely speechless…
    After struggling for a week just to be able to watch this episode… It’s really worth it…
    This episode is AWESOME!!!!

    U guys can create more tension than those hollywood producers can!

    “My beautiful eyes!!!” -> lol, I almost died…

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