A Personal Touch

Just giving a quick update that Web Zeroes does in fact resume tomorrow, May 19th. The episode is titled “The Negotiator”, and picks the story up pretty quickly. Looking forward to you guys seeing it as we wrap up the second half of the season.

I wanted to do a little personal promoting here. Firstly, I have a new website over at EddyRivas.com. It’s a personal blog, with bits more of my ramblings and some of my own writing, including a brief rundown of my novel. Nick built it, so if any of you are looking to hire a man to a build a Web site, the bearded one is the one to do it.

In addition, Daniel made a video for the company I work for. He is good at the videos. You should give it a watch, because it stars me. Also, it is about high-speed Internet.

8 thoughts on “A Personal Touch

  1. Sudrien

    Wow. I actually visited the company ‘site. Pity it only told me what I already knew (that the son of ‘ma Bell rules my area).

    Would have been nice if the voiceover on the ‘slide’ portion of the video matched up better with the intro – the music can cover up minor changes – but hey, one nit to pick ain’t bad.

  2. KillRanger440

    love it man it covers good site looks great and dan job well done like always, i have to say looking forward to more webzeros and love telling my friends in my platoon about this show and site. can’t wait to see you guys when more promoters catch this series.

  3. TheBigCheese

    can anyone tell me why i get this message when i try and watch your web zeros episodes on your site “We’re sorry, there was an error while trying to load your video. If you are watching a video embedded on a site other than Revision3.com, try contacting the owner and letting them know. If you are on Revision3.com, hang tight and we’ll be right back!” I’ve had to use youtube past episode and it makes me say wtfbbq. help pl0x.

    1. Eddy

      Yeah, the Revision3 player has been kind of janky for me lately as well, too. We might e-mail them about it and see what’s up.

  4. lpgsk

    Eddy 768 Kilobytes per second = 6.144 Megabits per second, so casual user would have faster connection than normal users and junkies. I think you changed bits for bytes 😀 Am I right or am I right?

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