7 thoughts on “Geeking Out About This

  1. cjMason

    Uh… okay… yea, sorry, you must be confusing me with someone who GIVES A SH*T ABOUT THE-

    Lol jks.. but yea… no episode 24 ?

  2. Trogador

    Man, all I can say is: holy s**t. I lost interest in, and forgot the plots of, the Harry Potter movies after I finished all the books, but this looks like it can renew my interest in the series. I can’t wait.

  3. Mr Leet

    Can’t wait, it’s gonna be awesome. Its almost like that time where we had to wait two weeks for the next LOST episode… *sighes at the big lost-size hole in my weekly/yearly line up of must-watch TV shows…. Replaces it with Web Zeroes and Futurama*

    Ah. Much better.

  4. Ronstar258

    Why is it being split? Believe it or not i actually believe they’re doing it for reasons in addition to more money(in addition to not instead of).

    I think enough fans got all pissy that the movies were starting to go down the road of “not having all the details as the book did.” So instead of making a 5 hour movie with all the stuff needed, they split it into two and not only do you have happy fans that will save their xmas movie gift cards for June, but also, there’s only 7 months in between. Which is nice considering it usually spans about two years in between sequels.

    Anyways, shutting up now

  5. - Anonymous -

    haha this actually looks really awesome. I really like the first couple movies, then I started losing interest in them. But I think this one will bring it back up again, maybe even higher. In simpler terms:

    Harry Potter 1: Nerdy little geek kid

    Harry Potter 7: Most badass wizard of them all

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