A Special Announcement

This post has been a long time coming.

The Leet World ended five years ago in September. On a completely unrelated note, here’s a new video.

We hope you don’t hate it.


17 thoughts on “A Special Announcement

  1. Travis Slooter

    Omg I’m crying! Chills! You guys are amazing! I’m so excited for this! Webzeroes could make a comeback too! Thank you guys!

    1. Travis Slooter

      I realize this may be asking a lot right away, but I was curious if you guys were possibly going to bring The LeetWorld Podcast back? I heard 98% of all web celebrities have them.

  2. DIABLO258

    I remember watching the first few episodes all those years ago. Now I am 18 and moving into the work force. I have spread word about TLW since day one, as it has always been my favorite machinima series. Honestly I have watched it so many times, with Webzeros as well, I feel like I have known about you guys forever. You told us the leet world was dead, motha fuckas. You said we wanted it. Damn dangerous, smooth few films, represent. It’s going down like this tonight, leet wooooorld- oh, sorry.

    Well, anyway. I am super pumped for this. With added animations, much like RvB, this seems insanely opportunistic. I just hope you guys are down for the challenge of surpassing the bad ass’ry of season two.

  3. Eddy Post author

    So thrilled to see how excited everybody is about this. We’ll be posting some more updates soon. Thanks everyone, you’ve made our day.

  4. Taysia

    YESSSSSSSS! My siblings and I are huge fans! We were obsessed with the show to the point of quoting it in front of polite company to embarrass our parents!! Oh what fun! Glad to say that my siblings and I are all taking time to come back home over winter break from various schools, universities, etc to re-watch the series in celebration of season 3 (a phenomena we never thought would actually happen outside of our wildest dreams) 😀

  5. St.David

    It’s been a couple of days since the announcement and I STILL don’t believe it to be true. (it’s gonna take more than one awesome trailer to convince me). I am on high alert , though =)

  6. Megadon

    The insanity, fun, blood, carnage, and comedy that is Leet World return. And as RealityEraFan said: Yes….Yes……Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. Yes, Yes, Yes, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!! >:D

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