The Leet World Season 3 FAQ

Naturally you guys have been asking lots of questions about our upcoming season of The Leet World. Hopefully this video will provide at least a few answers. No, I don’t tell you Nick’s preferred brand of underwear.

Here’s the gist, for those of you who aren’t inclined to watch me blabber on for 5 whole minutes.

1. When is Season 3 coming out? We’re aiming for summer of 2015, but we honestly won’t know for awhile. Realistically we’re probably going to be releasing in Fall of next year. Until then, though, you’ll be getting all new content from us leading up to the release.

2. How is it being made? Source Filmmaker! We wouldn’t be able to produce S3 any other way, as we’re all far too busy now. SFM allows us to pass the same scene around on a schedule that’s convenient for us. Plus it enables us to do so much more than before.

3. How can I help? We knew from the start we couldn’t do this without you guys. You can help by spreading the word and letting people know the show is coming back. In addition, if you’re an animator, modeler or mapmaker, email us at halp.plz(at)smoothfewfilms(dot)com with an example of your work. We won’t be able to accept everyone’s help, but hopefully we can find some people that can help speed up production.

For those of you wondering about donations, it’s something we’re not ready to talk about just yet. We’ll have a way that you can help in the near future, we promise!

Thanks for being so excited about our show, guys. It means more than you know.

5 thoughts on “The Leet World Season 3 FAQ

  1. Travis Slooter

    Woot! Thanks guys for responding so fast to all the questions! So excited! I’m also happy you chose to release the content regularly instead of as soon as you get it done. This is gonna be awesome. If I could just ask a couple more questions: 1- are we going to be expecting the return of the whole cast? And 2- when can I get a Leet World or SmoothFewFilms T-shirt?

  2. Korra

    Have you thought about calling this new season “Leet World 2”? Taking all things in account, I suspect the new Leet World will be more like a sequel rather than a new season of the original story.

    1. Jeff

      I don’t think we’d ever do numbering like that, just because it’d probably get confusing for people, but you’re right that this won’t have the same feel as whatever season three we might have made five years ago if we’d never stopped.

  3. Jason Enthonius

    Eii! Nice to see that old show again, and gladly made in today’s technology, SFM is definitely the best 3D software around for animations made by gamer fans like you guys.

    So anyway, it’s kind of nice to use the old CSS models again, but I originally thought you may plan to use the CSGO versions (Even if we need a fan to make models for Montrose & Ellis due to Valve have no CSGO counterparts for them), but wow, nice going. I am speechless for its return, and Cortez is my favorite character.

    And of course, will you be updating the TLW theme song as well?

  4. Nick

    Hey Smooth Few Films!)))
    Can u tell us, who is a film director in your group?
    Or each of u are “playing” this role?

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