The Leet World VLOG: Hype Train

Hey everyone! We’ve got a new vlog update about the status of Season 3, plus a couple of ways that you can help us out over the next week or so. The first of which is the imminent teaser. We’d love for you guys to share the teaser when it comes out so we can let as many old fans as possible know that the show’s coming back.

The other big news is that we just put a TLW sticker up in the CSGO workshop! If we’re fortunate enough for this sticker to get voted into the next CSGO update, it would be a really huge deal for us in terms of getting help with production funds and just continuing to spread the word about Leet World. If you can, do us a favor and go vote yes!

<3 you guys

5 thoughts on “The Leet World VLOG: Hype Train

  1. Martin Moores

    Tried to “Yes” the sticker, but alas, I don’t own the game…. Will do my bit by spreading the word of course, still wearing my Leet World t-shirt (between washes of course).

  2. ManFromEath

    Good idea with the stickers. You should create more with character’s faces. Valve won’t argue with you if you’re gonna use Nickich1’s models…i guess.

  3. Daniel Sheehan / Rocoro

    Voted for the sticker, and I’m going to put the link to the trailer on my Facebook, Twitter, and going to put it on my Steam page!

    I feel sorry for Jeff. A nipple is a hard thing to lose.

  4. Manuel Iseec

    Any reason, that some comments aren’t being posted there? Where is the teaser?

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