A Gift for Your Desktop: TLW 3 Wallpaper

Thanks for all the kind words about the newest trailer. It’s awesome that we were able to finally say “this is the show” in such a definitive way. Hopefully it’s got you guys pumped.

I’ve been excited about this trailer for awhile, but in particular the shot at the end. When I write episodes, I try not to put in too much “direction” in the scripts, because that’s Daniel’s department. However, when I came to the moment in an unnamed episode when all of the characters would be standing at a garage door in the desert, I requested only that it be framed as an epic silhouette shot with all of our dudes. For obvious reasons.

I also knew that we would ultimately have to use this in a trailer, because it’s great. Anyway, because it’s so great, we thought we’d gift it to you in the form of a Leet World Season 3 wallpaper. Enjoy.

Leet World Season 3 wallpaper

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