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Is It November Already?

As per our last update, we are pushing as hard as we can on The Leet World. December looms, and with it our original announced release window of 2015 for season 3 of The Leet World. Are we going to make it?

We’re still not sure. Really it depends how much more we can get through by the first week of December. Things are moving much more quickly now that we’ve fixed our process — seriously, stuff that used to take us weeks now only takes a night or two — but the volume of work is so high it’s hard to pinpoint where we are right now. Ideally, we’ll have multiple episodes finished when we start releasing, so we can release them on a set, extremely regular schedule which I will not give any more details on just yet.

But be assured: things are improving. I really wish we could show you more, and soon you’ll start to see a bit more when we can get a trailer ready. My hope is early December for that.

To be honest, I haven’t been able to do near as much work on Leet World as I would like these days, but Daniel, Nick, Jace and Jeff plus our awesome team have really been cranking through scenes and creating awesome stuff. It’s seriously inspiring the amount of stuff that’s getting done right now.

Why haven’t I been able to do more? Well for one, I’ve got a book coming out tomorrow. Red vs. Blue: The Ultimate Fan Guide will be in stores everywhere starting tomorrow, so if you love me you should buy it. Hell, even if you don’t love me you should buy it.

In addition to that, I’ve been writing for Rooster Teeth’s gaming news show The Know. This is a temporary gig, but it’s definitely taking up the majority of my free time. So watch that if you followed GamerSushi at all and want more gaming goodness.

More coming here soon. Thanks everyone.


It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Leet World vlog update. Because of reasons. We shed a tiny bit of light on why that is in our new update, but the gist of it is this: Source Filmmaker is super hard.

We’ve recently had to slow down quite a bit in order to speed up later. The best analogy is this: you’re trying to push a wheelbarrow with square wheels up a huge hill. The temptation is just to keep shoving the damn thing forward because you’re making “progress”, but really it makes more sense to stop, take off the wheels and get better ones.

Right now we’re changing out for better wheels, and it’s stalled production by about a month and a half. However, there’s still a chance we’ll make our originally projected release date, but we just won’t know for sure until we get about a month or so of rolling with our new wheels.

Hopefully that makes sense. The next big update from us should include actual release dates, new footage and our first real glimpse of the story.

Get hyped.

The Standoff: Leet World Season 3 Screenshot

Another screenshot from The Leet World Season 3. This time, Montrose finds himself in a rather precarious situation. Who are these masked CSGO baddies? What do they want? And just how is Montrose going to get out of this predicament? Perhaps his boots will have some part to play.

The world may never know. *

*The world will totally actually know, when the episode featuring this scene is released.

leet world season 3 screenshot montrose

“You think you can take on four men… all by yourself?”

Doing Lots of Rough Stuff

Hi all! It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update, and for good reason. We’re more than a little busy at the moment touching parts of 4 different episodes in various (sometimes dirty) ways. In fact, we’ve hit a really huge milestone in production and are ready to check out our first cut of Episode 1.

Does this mean the episode’s almost finished? Not at all. Rough cuts are just what they sound like, and barely watchable unless you know what you’re looking for. It’s more of the bones of an episode, and it’s after the rough cut that you really pile on the meat.

At the same time we’re getting ready to start cutting Episode 2, we’re building the scenes for Episode 3 and working on maps for Episode 4. There’s a lot of stuff to juggle, but we finally feel like we’ve nailed our production pipeline down and things are really soaring.

But in addition to those things, we’ve got some other stuff going on creatively as well. Daniel, for instance, has been working with his comedy group, The Magnificent, whose hilarious video Water Mouth just passed 340,000 views on Funny or Die recently. You guys should check out more of their stuff.

In addition, I just had some big news drop about a project I’ve been working on for the last year — a Red vs. Blue book I’ve been writing with Rooster Teeth and Dey Street Books! It’s coming out on November 17 in book stores and is going to be really funny and full of stuff Red vs. Blue fans will love. You should pre-order it because then maybe I’ll get to write more books some day.

Anyway, that’s a quick (but full) update on where we are at the moment. Thanks for checking in on Leet World — we’ve got some cool stuff coming soon.

First Look: Leet World Season 3 Screenshot

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a screenshot of an upcoming episode of The Leet World. We’ve been keeping mum on the show as much as we can since it’s still quite a ways out, but we’re starting to hit that point where we can give you guys a few glimpses and teases. Part of that is due to the nature of working in a new medium — we’re still trying to work out some of the kinks of Source Filmmaker. And part of that is we want to do as much as we can to make the show still feel like Leet World even though the characters are capable of new things, like karate chops.

Speaking of. Episode 1’s got a few familiar faces in it, and Leeroy just happens to be one of them. He’s mighty concerned about something.

Leet World Season 3 Episode 1: Leeroy

Season’s Leetings: A Leet World Holiday Message

Happy holidays, everyone. We hope today finds you full of nog, food, cheer and whatever else it is that you like to put in your body. We put together a Leet World holiday message for all of you as a special present.

For us, it has been a pleasure to be making things for you all again in 2014. Let’s make 2015 even better.

Riot Gear and Some Questions

I’ve decided I’m going to start updating this blogernator a bit more. But as we don’t have many updates, I figured I could use it to answer some questions. So from here on out, feel free to ask away in the comments, and I’ll do my best. If you’re an aspiring content creator, I’d love for this to be a place where you can get some advice from some guys who have been there and back and have the scars and torn up contracts to prove it.

Our first round of answers:

1) We still got lots of questions about Season 3 of Leet World. This kind of surprises me, because as much as I know people loved the show, it has in fact been over for 2 years. People have done some pretty cool things on the Internet since then, and I highly recommend checking some of them out. Such as this nifty Portal 2 machinima. The writing’s not fantastic, but I’m impressed with what they pulled off, technically speaking. And there’s always Red Vs Blue, which has gone into a stratosphere that no other machinima creators can hope to touch.

2) If you ask us if you can be the one to continue Leet World, my answer will always be that nobody can stop you from doing what you want, but you’re not going to get our blessing. I’d encourage you to make your own thing, in your own way. Because I’m tyrannical like that.

3) All of us have recently rewatched The Leet World for the first time in a very, very long time, and I’ve got to say… I’m still baffled we did it. There’s a lot of technical stuff going on in a lot of those scenes that a lot of effort went into, and in some ways nobody can ever truly appreciate it but us. Weird to think that we pulled it off with all of the hurtles we had to overcome.

4) Not to make light of a serious situation, But I think Player is ready for the London riots. Seriously though, stay safe out there you guys.


One Year Later

Well, it passed. Leet World ended just a little over a year ago. A nutty show, and a nutty ride. You guys are nuts, too.

I’d write a big thing about my thoughts about the year since, but I’d rather hear more of what you guys think. What are some of the highlights and lowlights of you for TLW? I’ve got a few of my own.

Highlights: Mendoza’s arc. Both season finales. The “can of worms / Council of Elrond” episode, S2E11, where most of the mysteries were spilled (still feel like we pulled that off decently). S1E7, because I feel like it was the first episode where we “got it” and the formula and quality for all subsequent episodes clicked.

Lowlights: I know a lot of people will boo me for this, but S1E1. The fact that we introduced Mendoza so late. Probably the only true “filler” episode we did, S1E6. The faceposing in Season 1. Not having the time to utilize the comrades/SWAT Bras more fully.

Go ahead and share yours.

In other news, we’ve been told from a Canadian friend that Day in the Life of a Turret was shown/referenced on TV there. While we’re unsure of the network (though it might have been G4), it seems the context wasn’t entirely positive. Still, we’re curious if anyone saw this?

Also, if you were planning on checking out Daniel’s panel appearance on Rooster Teeth’s Best of Machinima Panel this weekend at Fantastic Fest, that has been officially moved to Sunday at 2:30 PM. This is a bummer for me, because I was going to drive down for it on Saturday, but now I can’t. Sad. Face.

Another SFF Birthday

Portal CakeWell, last month we officially passed the three year birthday of Smooth Few Films. That’s right, in August of 2007 we first started posting Leet World episodes, and the rest is kind of history, I suppose. A good or bad history? Who knows. In fact, thanks to Matt and the trusty Web Archives, we actually have a snapshot of the old Web site, in that first week of posting.

It’s funny thinking back to those first few weeks. We’ve told the story several times in a variety of different ways, but we honestly thought we would only make a few episodes and then stop the whole thing. It was unplanned, partially spontaneous, and then the support for what we were doing was ludicrously overwhelming, which helped us through some of the more brutal production runs. Interesting fact: we came this (imagine me holding my finger and thumb really close together) close to quitting during the production of Episode 11 of Season 1. Two series and a few years later bring a bit of perspective, and it’s been a mostly nice ride, though it’s had its own share of bumps. Which is why the current break is rocking our faces.

Anyway, I’m curious: of the people left that are still faithfully checking this site (thanks so much, by the way), how many of you were here since the very beginning? If not, when did you first stumble across our humble abode on the Intertubez? Answer away, commenters and lurkers.

P.S. Stay tuned for more free tracks of the TLW Season 1 soundtrack.

Ad Dudes and Announcements

Mad MenAfter a couple of weeks off to catch back up on the show, we now return with Episode 24 of Web Zeroes, Adverse Effects. In this episode, we see the guys deal with the surprise of incorporating ads into their show, and what all that means for the road ahead. Naturally, there are schemes and jokes, and things continue to progress with Alex’s co-workers as well, which will lead up to a spectacular season finale, if I do say so myself.

Many big thanks to JJ, who penned a great episode yet again. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Miguel, who plays Scott, and did a fantastic job. Give those two guys a hand, as well as Jace, who always kills it each week on the musical front. These people are like ninjas at their crafts, so it’s cool that I know ninjas, I think.

And now for some news…

The season 2 finale (Episode 25) will also be the finale of the show itself. Next week will mark the end of Web Zeroes. We’ve known that’s how it was going to be for a month or so now, but couldn’t really talk about it until the release of this episode. I wish we could have told you guys sooner, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. I think it’s important to note that ending the show is our decision, mostly because it has just been too exhausting to do the show as a part time job in addition to our day jobs. We’re thankful to Revision3 for the opportunity to broadcast this show to a much bigger audience than we had before, and for allowing us the privilege of being their first scripted series.
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