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The CTU Connection

24Season 7 of 24 is swinging for the fences, and yet again, it is a series dominated by badasses. In the newest escapades of Jack Bauer and company, there are all kinds of crazy plotlines involving political intrigue, the machinations of an evil government, and the action cyborg Keifer Sutherland.

One of these new, exciting plotlines brought back a revamped and slightly more badass version of former CTU agent Tony Almeda, now a terrorist against the U.S. government. We believe we know where they got their inspiration for this character.


Ladies and gentlemen, the evidence speaks for itself. Tony, I know you’ve done some bad things. Cortez has done worse. He can kill you with a single burro multiple times before your body hits the floor.

Oh, and in other news- Episode 5 of TLW Season 2 is out early next week. Woot and such.