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The Golden Arcs

l4dFebruary is kind of a weird month, as different people are out of town on different weekends, but we’ll do our best to manage. That’s how we roll.

Been doing some solid TLW work this week, both in Hammer and with some script-writing. In addition, you guys should have some audio outtakes at some point this weekend from the last two TLW episodes.

I’m kind of excited about this. Yay Left 4 Dead DLC and its zombie goodness. When I’m not working on SFF stuff, I’m playing it, or Valkyria Chronicles for the PS3.

When we released Episode 4, I mentioned that this season is being developed in 3-4 episode arcs. Basically, we are making one arc at a time, and trying to stay ahead that way. It’s essentially how we made the finale, as one gigantic episode split into 3 parts. Thinking about this, it made me wonder what everyone’s favorite “arcs” were so far in The Leet World. So, vote and tell us!

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