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On Future Menacing and Social Media

I just wanted to write a quick update to say thanks to everyone for the comments you left and e-mails you sent about Episode 14 of Web Zeroes. We were really excited to finally get it out for everyone to see, and I think the things we learned over the course of Season 1 really showed. Not to toot our collective horns or anything. We do that enough to each other. This paragraph is getting progressively stranger and more full of innuendo. That’s what she said.

Episode 15 will be out on Wednesday (for us North Americanos, at least), and is titled The Red Headed Menace. It’s got some cool stuff in it: some beards, some chicks and a cowboy hat. Oh, and a game that involves shocking.

While I had your attention for a second, I wanted to direct you guys to a few places you may or may not know about. If you didn’t know, we’ve got ourselves quite a slew of social media handles going on at the moment. If you’re interested, here’s a bit of a link farm:

Smooth Few Films
SFF Twitter
SFF on Facebook

Web Zeroes
WZ Twitter
WZ on Facebook

Also, you may not know that we run a video game Web site in addition to this one, called GamerSushi. It’s a pretty cool place with some great discussions and cool people. Come hang out, follow GS on Twitter or fan GS on Facebook.