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Tragedy on the Set!

Late breaking news straight from cs_militia…

Tragedy struck the set of The Leet World today as cameraman Dermot McDermot was shot and killed by former Terrorist leader Cortez Emilio Alejandro Jesus Cardinal. Details are being withheld until the authorities have notified the McDermot family, but an anonymous eyewitness states that while the shooting was unintentional, it was certainly preventable. When asked for further comment, The Leet World contestant simply known as “Cortez” had this to say:

“Bitch should not have gotten so close.”

McDermot is survived by a cat named Winkles, his grandmother Cici, and two illegitimate children. While the legal representation of The Leet World is unsure of whether or not charges will be filed against their team, they have stated that the next episode will still contain the footage taken by McDermot from the moment of his death, because “Dermot would have wanted it that way.”

Episode Three of The Leet World, “Set Up Us The Bomb”, will air this Wednesday, September 5th. Let us all remember Dermot’s commitment to his craft.