The Leet World, 2.1: The Return

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The Counter-Terrorists are ready for the new season of The Leet World, having spent most of the summer wining and dining as celebrities. However, some things are amiss as not every member of the team is on the same page. And just what can we expect from the arrival of new Terrorists?


Dark GSG9 by Syco. Found here.

Chechen Freedom Fighter Pack by Eggwhites. Found here.

Black Digital Urban Ts V2 by DiabeticMephilo. Found here.

Gg_overpass by Devi8. Found here.

73 thoughts on “The Return

  1. Locke

    I LOVE Cortez’ baddass new clothes!

    Player is just as awesome!

    Great first episode!

  2. Cortez

    lol it dosnt mean anyting hov first or second posts well about skins 3 of them i hav ( ct team ) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ on my colection (well im making video about SparTiAnS Clan):)
    nice bat realy its funny i hav mostly all redu of them all skins on t bat not leet skin bat nice mean its funny i wanted to give tip about it bat i see you alredy havd started looking nice πŸ™‚

  3. Jamikito

    Ahhh, Cortez always wanting to cheat his way in. πŸ˜€ And yeah, Montrose is going to have a Famas :O Whens the second ep coming out??? This episode was awesome BTW.

  4. Cortez

    Time will show evryting ^^
    Im also exsited about next episode bat
    i hav a filling hov it will not be so soon than you think.


    LOL,ahmad fell down,somehow i still prefer the leet world thingy to be the opening theme instead of closing,but otherwise,GREAT EPISODE and GOOD JOB guys.

  6. BludshotPolaris

    Great Premiere Guys, been waiting a while for this πŸ™‚ What was up with Ahmad?!?!?! πŸ˜›

  7. killjoy

    Let world rules!!whoo f*cking awesome
    i’ve been waiting for a long time ahmad felt from the tree looooooool

  8. Corsair

    That being said …is there a slight mistake in the episode?

    At the start when Chet says “I hope these new CTs are cooler …” – is that a mistake?

  9. Chunkboi

    That kinda struck me, too…unless the CT’s get to be T’s now? That’d be an interesting event for the show, role reversal. “Chet, we’re supposed to be planting the bomb this time! Put the timer back in the C4!”

    Also I wonder…will season 2 be downloadable like season 1? I really like revisiting the eps without worrying about things like lag…

  10. 5aga-m4n

    [quote comment=”12599″]That being said …is there a slight mistake in the episode?

    At the start when Chet says “I hope these new CTs are cooler …” – is that a mistake?[/quote]

    Yeah I noticed that too, maybe Chet’s a little tipsy from last nite… you know? Whoo Hoo!!!

    btw anyone else notice the producer wink when he said asher was a skilled young soldier?
    That sly SLY bastard!

  11. Griff

    [quote comment=”12627″]when is the next episode coming? :D[/quote]

    *sigh* Here we go again… just like Season 1.

    @ – SSF, the first episode couldn’t of been done better… you guys did an excellent job connecting the two seasons together. I am really excited about Season2.

  12. SNOWMAN7

    [quote comment=”12627″]when is the next episode coming? :D[/quote]

    Dude, they are not magicians. Chill. It will come sooner or later. The leet world will never be canceled.

    btw, I didn’t watch the vid till the last. lol Jus noticed the new opening. It’s kinda awesome!

  13. Ganoosh

    ummm it might be just me, but when ever i try 2 download something recently from smoothfewfilms it says “The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found, please try again later”……..WHAT THE FU**

    i wanna download this epic vid on2 my ipod but it wont let me, some 1 help :S

  14. adrianhansen95

    OMFG!!!! awsom!!!!
    when do 2.2 come!?!?!?!
    can’t w8 XD

    and WFT happend to the T’s!?


  15. sindiewen

    great job on this new episode.
    i hope ahmad is beter this season lol. besides him falling off that tree.

    now im in the mood for some counter strike

  16. dhrocker2000

    Best episode yet! Love the new terrorist duds, and the original song is back! I believe I am now truly content.

  17. Vinzent

    Excellent set up for the season 2 story. I predict the first challenge, T’s will dominate the now flabby Ct’s.

  18. danzka86

    “Micoolman said:
    November 30th, 2008 on 7:26 pm Quote
    I think i know who the experiment from the season finale is. ITS ASHER!”

    Dont agree think its gonna be improved verison of the one and only dominator. in the last episode they say hes not dead after all

  19. adrianhansen95

    OMFG! how long time is it to episode 2.2 come!? its like 3 weeks since 2.1 came!

    anyway i love The Leet World!

  20. Eddy

    Apparently you can’t read a calendar. Or the front page where we said it’s coming early next week. It’s actually been 2 weeks since the episode came out. You can deal with a 2-3 week wait.

  21. Vamp

    I was just wondering when the next episode is going to air ??
    Can someone give me some intel about that ?

  22. Experiment11

    -_- People, calm down now. They clearly said they will try to get it out early this week…

    Asher wins. πŸ˜€

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  24. Xbattle

    this season looks pretty sweet the terrist r steal here i like that alot but the new people look kinda dumb but i will see wat happens =-] pretty good so for!

  25. Anonymous

    Huh…pretty nice….YA RIGHT!!!
    Totally amazing dudes. Like how you guys put the opening theme at…well….the end lolz. Nice simple way of making t’s come back, have a fellin this season gonna be quite the ride…

  26. Pulguiator

    This is just great and i hope it continues like this but, i liked more the other intro movie, it was cooler, but nice job dudes.

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