Closing In…

Well, production on the first episode of The Leet World continues, and there has definitely been a learning curve as we figure out how to get everything to look the way we want. Trying to negotiate a game engine with new equipment (hi def brings its own set of challenges) has been a fun experience, and we’re making headway everyday. For a quick idea of what we’re dealing with, we’re posting some shots of our set-up.

At one point, we had 7 computers in here. We really need an office or something. We’ll keep you guys posted about the progress- as of now we’re finished filming and doing audio- all that’s left is editing ,minor tweaks, and getting some music laid in. Thanks for all the support so far, and keep spreading the word about The Leet World.

8 thoughts on “Closing In…

  1. Anonymous

    Why don’t you peeps just move your stuff into a garage or something? Usually people’s garages aren’t as crowded and small as that room, but nice computer =P

  2. Smooth Few Films

    Believe me, if we had a garage, we would certainly use it 🙂 Most of us live in apartments, and besides- garages in Texas in the summer are no fun.

  3. Anonymous

    Haha, hopefully after the first few episodes people will want to donate or something and you’ll prolly get enough money to rent a small place or something i udnno x.x =P

    Well just good luck with it all =P

  4. Anonymous

    If I’m ever rich, I’ll give you guys an unlimited budget to make videos. Sometimes I think back on your work and just crack up.

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