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Double Talk

Glad to see that the Episode One commentary went over so well. We recorded three episodes at the same time, so now, here’s the bright shiny new Episode Two commentary for your listening enjoyment.

Once again, we offer a countdown at the beginning to help you know when to start the episode. I can’t imagine it makes much sense unless you’re watching the episode simultaneously. Personally, I think we did a better job on this one than on the first. Hopefully you guys enjoy it, too.

Remember, right-click and select “save as” to download it.


If you don’t have Episode Two downloaded, you can stream it from YouTube or here.

In other news, now that we’ve had some time to kind of chill and get our thoughts together, we’re moving into pre-production for some of the other properties that we’ve recently mentioned. Over the next couple of weeks you guys should be hearing a lot more about G.R.I.E.F. and Web Zeroes.

Also, if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight yet, go do it. I publicly declare that my man-crush on Christian Bale has only been strengthened in light of its release. And, in order to save my manhood after that statement, I shall add: Dude. Bra.

Audio Goof-ups

So while Daniel and Nick have been gone, I’ve unleashed a slew of content in your general vicinity. Hopefully it’s been somewhat entertaining and in some cases, informative. Since you’ve all been kind of asking and secretly wishing, today I bring you Episode Four and Five audio outtakes. I trust that you’ll find them amusing.

Daniel and Nick have now returned back from Cali, so Episode Six can finally continue on its merry. Expect a trailer soon.

Enjoy, and please donate.



If you’re here for the first episode, scroll down just a tad, or go check it out at the episodes page. Just a quick update that the high definition download is up and running, and the 640 x 360 quicktime has been updated so that it looks a little smoother. It seems that most people are downloading either the flash or the smaller quicktime one anyway, so it’s all good, though we’d recommend checking out the 1280 x 720 version, as that’s how the show was originally filmed. Seriously, I didn’t realize Source could look so good once we got filming.

Also, it would be way sweet if you went and voted for us on both spikedhumor.com and metacafe.com. We should be up on machinima.com at some point, as well as gwchannel.tv (which is a very awesome CS video website).

Keep spreading the word, and if you check back here in the next couple of days, there could be a fun treat waiting (no, not episode 2, we are merely men). Episode 2 is being worked on, and should hopefully be up in about 2-3 weeks. Don’t quote me on that, though. For reals. I’ll sue.

Go For Launch

Well, without further ado, we now present to you Episode 1 of The Leet World, “Reality Bites”.

Tell your friends, your mom, and her dog. Join the forums, hang out, leave comments, and enjoy. Click on “episodes” for different sizes of the video. The High Definition and WMV versions will be added later today, so if it’s not working when you click it, it will be soon.

A Case of the Mondays

Good news!

After getting together and watching a new cut of Episode 1, we’ve decided that we will launch our website and first episode this coming Monday, August 6th. We’ve been planning on this date for awhile, but now we know that we can hit it successfully.

On Sunday night/ Monday morning, this blogspot will redirect you to www.smoothfewfilms.com, where you can find the link to the episode. It will be available in a variety of sizes, which is sure to please both the Hi Def and ipod lovers alike. Keep spreading the word about The Leet World, and remember, go sign up for our forum until then!

Closing In…

Well, production on the first episode of The Leet World continues, and there has definitely been a learning curve as we figure out how to get everything to look the way we want. Trying to negotiate a game engine with new equipment (hi def brings its own set of challenges) has been a fun experience, and we’re making headway everyday. For a quick idea of what we’re dealing with, we’re posting some shots of our set-up.

At one point, we had 7 computers in here. We really need an office or something. We’ll keep you guys posted about the progress- as of now we’re finished filming and doing audio- all that’s left is editing ,minor tweaks, and getting some music laid in. Thanks for all the support so far, and keep spreading the word about The Leet World.

Filming the First

For those of you checking on the status of The Leet World, you should know that filming on Episode 1 is currently underway, and moving along quite well. While we are going to keep things under wraps for the time being, you should know that some great things are happening as far as the look of the show…We are currently both filming and capturing at a native 720p resolution- that’s right, things will be very pretty. And it looks awesome. Here’s a screenshot, if you’re not convinced. You should notice our logo in the lower right hand corner, as well as the fact that in comparison to the way we’re shooting the show now, the trailer looks crude. Next week, we’ll post some pictures of the production process, and maybe another screenie or two.