Ep Seven Screenies

We are still working on getting better versions up of Episode Six. It’s odd that some people seem to be having problems with the downloadable versions, while it’s completely fine for others. There’s a highly technical term for this phenomenon: gremlins.

Work has begun on the filming of Episode Seven, so I thought I’d post just a couple of screenshots for you guys. I think you’ll find one rather interesting…

I r t3h nub! No sign…

Enjoy, and please donate.

15 thoughts on “Ep Seven Screenies

  1. JJ

    [quote comment=”976″]Gremlins make everything bad[/quote]

    I have it on good authority that Gremlins taste like sauerkraut. Not everything can taste like chicken.

  2. Murph

    no! your all wrong, Player is going to kill Westheimer, then leeroy will get so mad he kills cortez because he blames him for making Westheimer always hang out with Ahmad and then run away from leetworld! lol jk looks like an interesting episiode

  3. nickbob94@hotmail.com

    I think the end will be an all out deathmatch between the mystery guy and everyone else.

    And cortez isn;t blind I don’t think

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