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Audio Hilarity

Well dudes, things have been going great since the release of Episode Seven. Work on the next episode is progressing smoothly, though it’s a little daunting since this episode will have some complicated elements to it.

Some quick gaming news- IGN has released a “Top 100 Games of All Time” list to feed your fanboyism or your ranting. In my case, it’s both. It’s missing a few notables such as Counter-Strike, Tekken, anything from the Splinter Cell series, and the Sims for example. I’m not sure how MGS2 made the list but not MGS3. A few games were rated pretty low, too, I thought. It’s definitely worth a read though. Click here to discuss it in our forums.

Since I was feeling very generous, I put together a present for you guys: audio outtakes from episodes six and seven.


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Disappearing Act

Well, I know that some of you are waiting for a trailer. The sad news is that the trailer for Episode Seven isn’t done. However, the good news is that the actual episode is. I thought that would be a good trade off.

So we now present to you dudes, the rad viewers, Episode Seven of The Leet World, “Got Disappeared“. We think this is one of our best yet. Hope you like it.

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Ep Seven Screenies

We are still working on getting better versions up of Episode Six. It’s odd that some people seem to be having problems with the downloadable versions, while it’s completely fine for others. There’s a highly technical term for this phenomenon: gremlins.

Work has begun on the filming of Episode Seven, so I thought I’d post just a couple of screenshots for you guys. I think you’ll find one rather interesting…

I r t3h nub! No sign…

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News to Abuse

Episode Six is nearing completion, and will be out later this week. What’s funny is that as far as production goes, this has been the fastest we have ever gotten an episode completed. Though it doesn’t appear that way from the outside, we are getting more efficient, and doing this in far less time- but since October was a month of hell (for me) and vacations (for Nick and Daniel), it has just taken longer to get the episode released.

Also- Episode Seven should be released in November as well.

And while you wait, check out some interesting video game news for the week: Call of Duty 4 Reviews are trickling out, South Park goes Guitar Hero tonight, Gray Fox ninjas his way onto SSBB, Zero Punctuation reviews Phantom Hourglass, and Super Mario Galaxies rocks.

Those= links. Check ’em out.