Update Time!

Well, we are still hard at work on Episode Eight. And when I say hard, I mean it. This week was the most rigorous week we’ve had as far as Smooth Few Films goes, so it’s been pretty nuts. While we’re not keen on giving out release dates (any number of things can cause a delay when working on an episode), it should be here at some point next week. We’ll give you more when we have a better idea.

There won’t be reason to stop showing up, though, because our Halo short will be up in the next day or two! This is pretty exciting for us, and we think that you guys should enjoy it. Now if you’re wondering to yourself “What? Why have they been doing this Halo thing instead of TLW”, it’s because we are submitting it to a contest that ends this week. In addition to that, this realistically delayed the release of Episode Eight by less than a day, because it was worked on at points when all 3 of us could not be together to film TLW stuff. So no worries.

In the meantime, here’s some notable gaming news from the last few days: Companion Cubes are on Sale, Crysis Rocks Trip Vid Cards, A Bajillion in the Warhammer Beta, Big Damn NES Controllers/PC’s are Awesome, and New Fixes and Maps are Coming to TF2!

Edit:  Companion cubes are already sold out!  Guess I’m not the only one who needs a fuzzy friend.

12 thoughts on “Update Time!

  1. JJ

    [quote comment=”1323″]T3H F1R57 !![/quote]

    Haha Nick was right, we do get “first” comments. What a bizarre phenomenon…

  2. JALsnipe

    wow, bRg_ is one cool guy.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. Don’t let anyone put you guys down by saying “WTF!?! Wh3n is ta nexT ePISoDe???”

    I just watched the original trailer earlier today. I lold’


  3. Samura

    Keep up the good work guys ! don’t get rushed to release the Eight Episode.. it will rock in time ! 😀

  4. ClanFever

    JJ posted at 3:37pm, almost 1337! 1337 world! 😀

    Can’t wait for ep8, and I want to see what this random halo thing is about.

  5. ricemonkey


    companion cube! i tried to rescue you but they said you were sold out! YOu were so faithful, never once tried to stab me!


  6. JJ

    [quote comment=”1330″]JJ posted at 3:37pm, almost 1337! 1337 world! :D[/quote]

    I’ll try to be 1337er next time.

  7. daniel

    [quote comment=”1333″][quote comment=”1330″]JJ posted at 3:37pm, almost 1337! 1337 world! :D[/quote]

    I’ll try to be 1337er next time.[/quote] jj is making the switch to military time,all in the name of leet world. thats dedicaton, holmes

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