Halo 3: The Over-Achiever

A young soldier struggles to find meaning in a world that is driven by Achievements. This is a short created in the Halo 3 engine, captured at 720p. Anyone that’s had any experience in the world of XBox Live should understand the plight of the characters involved. We hope you all enjoy it. We’re thinking that this could turn into a regular series of shorts created in Halo.

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If you’re interested, this video was created for a contest over at Ziddio. You can check out the contest by clicking on this link. Be sure to sign up and give us a vote (FYI: 5 stars is the best)! Registration takes, literally, seconds. Every vote helps us win!

There are also several versions available for your viewing pleasure:
640 x 360 Mpeg4
HD Mpeg 4
640 x 360 WMV

Also, since somebody is going to ask- Episode Eight will be out later this week. More details coming soon!

50 thoughts on “Halo 3: The Over-Achiever

  1. Pi Jeon

    Excellent voice acting, to bad that you used a pile of over advertised crap to implement it. Hurry up with TLW and attempt to use Crysis for a short series.

  2. Sixx

    Had depth and an actual purpose to the short, rather than another Halo fan boy making a video of nothing but killing. Compared to the other videos on the site you guys posted this in, this was maybe not an outstanding achievement, but for making this while trying to keep another show/series on and appealing at the same time… That is outstanding. I think you guys definitely have a chance at winning this competition.

    Loved the ending. <3 GL with the competition.


  3. obobobheib

    “What? That’s all I get a lousy achievement? i killed 2 men for this…”

    “I want another one”
    lol keep up the good work

  4. DUDE

    “So,this weapon of yours will pass through me and into my freind?Killing us both?”

    “Yeah,thats the idea.”



    Hahaha i laught at that point

  5. Revenge

    You know what…. Im using every email I have to vote for you… Thats like………..3…. but hey! Awesome work.. My friend is completely like this.. first day halo 3 was out he had like 95% of the achievements.. I was like.. Oh for fuck sakes go outside… Needless to say (but I will anyway) he didnt go outside but instead he played gears of war.

    Whatever.. Good job!

    “Hurry up with TLW and attempt to use Crysis for a short series.”
    Damn your demanding…

  6. Eddy

    Haha, thanks for the vote! Just one vote should suffice, though πŸ˜‰

    Yeah, basically, the character is based on me. I’m kind of an achievement whore.

  7. Mook

    I liked it guys. The punchline was awesome. I don’t know which one of you was doing the voice for the main blue guy… but you sounded kinda like Will Ferrel. I approve. I have to admit, though, I would have had the line “Only 5 lousy Achievement Points? I killed two men for this?” But I was still highly amused! πŸ˜‰

  8. TheShadyGnome

    [quote comment=”1366″][quote comment=”1351″]”…I want another one.”

    Loved it :D[/quote]

    Best line ever.[/quote]

    Quoted for Tru7th. Looking forward to this.

  9. The Elite_1

    you guys are great keep up the good work…….. this Halo 3 video was funny but the leet world is better. You guys keep me waiting for your new videos… i check the site like every couple days to see if youve added a new one yet…… lol im addicted

  10. Tufak

    great again

    “uh… I want another one.” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ << maybe even better than “…Looks like they got pawned!”, but I realize that comparing isn’t much fair, I quit

  11. ===(*.*)==>

    Im not trying to be an asshole but i don really find anything funny… i know u guys did a super great job on TLW, but i don see tis halo thing gonna work out…sure there will be dude who suck up to anything tat halo…are gonna say ” Ooo Emm Gee tis is so funny”. Im pretty sure after saying tis i will get whole bunch of bad comment cuz i offended their greatest overrated game. Anyway i just want to see more The Leet World, and don want u guys to slow it down just cuz of tis halo series.

  12. Eddy

    Well it’s mainly for Halo people πŸ™‚ Anywho, see yesterday’s post as to how long this actually delayed Episode Eight (little to none).

    Something I should point out- if we just did TLW all the time- it wouldn’t keep going. We’d go crazy. We like being able to do other vids every once in a while because it gives us a break. Remember, we don’t do this for a living- it’s like a second job for us. What good is a hobby if it’s not any fun? πŸ™‚

    But yeah, thanks for the comment bud, and I’m glad you like TLW, even if Halo doesn’t float your boat.

  13. Spacewolf

    That was AWESOME! I don’t even play Halo, but it still was great πŸ˜€

    “That’s incredible… BOOM!”
    “What?! That’s it? That’s ALL I get?!? I want another one.”

  14. Veritas

    I find it funny how people who trash Halo come to watch the video and expect to enjoy it. Come on, people, it’s common sense.

    Anyways, I think it was very funny, particularly because I have friends like that, hehe. Really good voice acting. I was impressed, this being my first time to the site. Good job, guys. =]

  15. Sparky


    i love it!

    so is this gunna take time originally scheduled for TLW, cause if so, i will cry….

  16. L337M4N

    I hate halo, but i love CS, But this halo episode u guys done, was rather funny another quality production from the best gaming comedy team, Smooth Few Films.

    You guys own at what your doing, keep doing it and ill keep passing your name along. Excellent work with the CS Episodes, and the one and only Halo episode.

    You guys should be chatting $$$$ out your ass for this sh*t.

    Keep up the good work!


  17. Eddy

    Haha, a LOT less than it takes for an episode of TLW, that’s for sure. TLW Ep (on average)= 2 1/2 weeks. Halo vid= less than half a day.

  18. JJ

    [quote comment=”1390″]Haha, a LOT less than it takes for an episode of TLW, that’s for sure. TLW Ep (on average)= 2 1/2 weeks. Halo vid= less than half a day.[/quote]

    Dude, don’t give them numbers like that! They’ll start demanding 14 halo shorts a week!


  19. CodyRobo2.0

    Once he gets all the Achievements in Halo hes gonna go to CoD4 , and then he will conquer the world with Achievents 0.o

  20. Taz

    Lol, I liked it how the blue guy talked so elegantly which is ironic because most halo online players talk leet speak.

  21. Griff

    I just voted on Ziddio. You guys should too if you already haven’t. When they say “it takes seconds”. Trust me, it takes only seconds. ; )

  22. Sarge

    [quote comment=”1346″]Excellent voice acting, too bad that you used a pile of over advertised crap to implement it. Hurry up with TLW and attempt to use Crysis for a short series.[/quote]

    if he means “halo 3″ is over advertised crap…this fucktard is living is the stone age..and needs to get out from under the fucking rock that lives under..”halo 3” should’ve been the game of the year, what with “Forge” and Saved Films..NOBODY else does that kind of stuff, except bungie.

    Anyway, the skit you guys did was fuckin brilliant and just outright HILARIOUS! I got this on my zune now, I loved it. hope to see more like it from you guys

  23. Sarge

    ugh…damn, I meant that fucktard is living “in” the stone age……also, I forgot to say “he” in “and needs to get out from under the fucking rock that HE lives under”, THAT’S what I meant to say.. funny how one letter or word can make the difference

  24. Fortress

    lololol, loved the vid, i can totally recognise Westy, Chet, and Ellis.
    Smooth Few just keeps getting better and better
    (mebey they can be seen on G4 sometime?, just a thought)

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