The Leet World Podcast, Episode 3!

As promised, the first bit of content is here for your enjoyment, The Leet World Podcast, Episode 3. We answered a few of the questions that people asked on the forums in this podcast, and cover a wide array of topics including: Episode 8, the Domination character, CSS vs Gmod, The Over-Achiever, my addiction to gamer points, creative differences (disagreements), and Daniel’s dislike of dark places. For the most part, it is nothing but TLW content.

All of this clocks in at a fairly reasonable time of under 20 minutes. Give it a listen:

Keep in mind that any “spoilers” or “hints” that we may give about upcoming episodes in the future of The Leet World series are just jokes… or are they?

Check out this thread in the forums to find out more about the questions that we either didn’t have the time to answer, or that we did answer but had to edit for time’s sake.

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23 thoughts on “The Leet World Podcast, Episode 3!

  1. Hiders

    HAHA I Laught at the part where Eddy and Daniel argued about the spawning place haha oh and I dont understand why people love RPG game…..I played ones and it was boring…..just 5 minutes playing it….well cant wait for episode 9 😀

  2. skaune

    Great podcast! Kinda missed the nerdy tech-talk.. but maybe it’s just me. No worries though, I had some great laughs 😛

  3. Westy

    [quote comment=”1890″]I listen to the podcast! 🙂

    Y’all should jump in the server.

    Leet World Pub IP[/quote]

    aye get on the server all ITS DEAD!

  4. stack

    lol you guys are hilarious and yes we still want player he was brutally murdered by ahmad DAMN YOU AHMAD! lol steve is here hes gunna kick our asses you tell ahmad i said if he dies im gunna find where he lives and well ya…..

  5. Spacewolf

    You’re lucky that you aren’t me if you like Achievement points, because my 5,000G and pretty much my whole 360 just got fried and… is now no longer existent. Which sucks. Have fun with Mass Effect though, that game is awesome.

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