“Wait” Problem

The long wait is almost over. Episode Nine of The Leet World releases next week! As always, we’re not going to commit to a specific date- but it will be here next week for sure. All of the sweaty palms, fingernail biting, and general fretting will finally be over as you see what becomes of your favorite characters in the next half of Season One. And trust me, we’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for this half.

I figured I’d bring you guys a couple more screenshots to help satiate your appetite, even if just slightly. Also- there might be another special preview of Episode Nine during the weekend. Just saying.

The Break Room Spotlight on Ellis

If you’re interested, here is some rad gaming news from around the internetz: EA Calls Fox Out (this story is so full of drama, I love it), Super Mario 2 is better with drums, a date for GTA IV, kids teabagging kids, and the Wii is set to dominate the Cube.

16 thoughts on ““Wait” Problem

  1. orb

    You guys always post the best news.

    I’m so glad EA called Fox out on that whole bullshit story about Mass Effect. Watching that original video a couple days ago made me want to stab out my ears.

    Gggrrrgrrrrrr can’t wait for ep 9!!!!!

  2. Griff

    Hey… guys… did you know everytime you DON’T dig… Player has a higher chance of being killed off…

    It’s true!

  3. ClanFever

    I would but I’m too lazy to make an account. Just pretend it has one more then what it has. 😛

  4. Mr Saito

    XD they kill everyone who has alot of high votes, so whatever… I’ll vote for Cortez and Chet… (accidently called him Shit before)

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