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The Nine

Thanks for the responses to Episode 8, Hide and Sneak. Episode 9 will be out next week, and is about to enter the editing process via the bearded one himself, Nick. We’re spending a lot more time putting the finishing touches on our episodes this season, and I really think it’s shown so far. While he works on that, Daniel and I will be tag-teaming Episode 10, WWE style. There will be dropkicks, sirs.

The next few episodes dish out equal parts intrigue and answers. It might rule a little. Or at least, that’s the hope. Anywho, here are some screenshots from the next episode, “Stranger in the House”. Enjoy!

tlw209screen1 tlw209screen2 tlw209screen3

Also, the Houston Rockets and Star Trek are totally going to interfere with TLW this weekend, somehow. But I’m ok with that. Who else is seeing the movie?

Funny Business

Episode 9 and 10 Outtakes, anyone? They’ve arrived. I’m excited, because 1) I’m a fan of extras, and 2) it’s been awhile since we’ve been able to post outtakes. The funny thing is, we would do it every episode, but we’ve gotten fairly efficient at getting in the sound booth (my closet) and getting our stuff done. Occasionally, we start goofing around or forget that we’re being recorded, and that’s when you get these comic gems.


Episode 11 is currently being filmed. Some of the first screenshots will be up this weekend.

The Writing Process

It seems the trailer has put people in a bit of a frenzy. Always nice.

In case you’re unaware (meaning that you didn’t pay attention to the credits), Episode Nine had a guest writer: our long-time friend and excellent webmaster, Jeff (unsquare for those of you on the forums). I typically write out the scripts for each episode, which can be a tiring process over the course of a season- so I was definitely excited when Jeff started showing an interest in writing an episode for us a few months ago. He’s one of the more talented writers I know, so that was certainly a bonus, too.

Anywho, Jeff has written an article about the process of writing the episode for us, and I must say it’s a good read, especially for those of you who are interested in how the show is put together. Read it: Jeff’s article about The Leet World.

On another note, please don’t start sending us scripts for episodes of The Leet World- we’re fine, thanks.

More updates: 1)Two more screenshots of Episode Ten can be viewed below. 2)The Halo short should be here in the next couple of days.

Cortez, listen… The Elf Kingdom

Episode 9 Deleted Scenes!

I promised extras, and now I’m here to stand and deliver. And while I’m not as good looking as Lou Diamond Phillips, it makes my gift no less interesting: deleted scenes from Episode Nine: Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re here for the actual episode, scroll down or check it out on our episodes page.

There are two clips you’ll see. The first is a scene that was removed from near the beginning of the episode, and the second happens once the folks are comfortably answering phones in the office. Both were largely removed due to concerns about the length of the episode. I know that some of you guys wish every episode was about 2 hours long, but sometimes you can perform addition by subtraction- making sure everything flows well, stays tight, and maintains a strong and fluid pace.

Keep in mind that these are unfinished clips. That means the audio hasn’t been finalized, green screens are still present, and there is no music or ambient sound. Listen closely and you can hear Kerry on the verge of laughter as he performs Leeroy’s last couple of lines.

The Workaholics

The wait is finally over! We now present Episode Nine, “Satisfaction Guaranteed“. Over the last month, we’ve taken some time to look at the next half of season one, and how to help improve on the next batch of episodes. We’ve even started looking forward to the future. I think you guys will like what’s in store down the road for The Leet World, and from Smooth Few Films in general.

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Also- expect lots of extras in the next week or two.


“Wait” Problem

The long wait is almost over. Episode Nine of The Leet World releases next week! As always, we’re not going to commit to a specific date- but it will be here next week for sure. All of the sweaty palms, fingernail biting, and general fretting will finally be over as you see what becomes of your favorite characters in the next half of Season One. And trust me, we’ve got a lot of great stuff in store for this half.

I figured I’d bring you guys a couple more screenshots to help satiate your appetite, even if just slightly. Also- there might be another special preview of Episode Nine during the weekend. Just saying.

The Break Room Spotlight on Ellis

If you’re interested, here is some rad gaming news from around the internetz: EA Calls Fox Out (this story is so full of drama, I love it), Super Mario 2 is better with drums, a date for GTA IV, kids teabagging kids, and the Wii is set to dominate the Cube.

The Long Holiday

Tonight or tomorrow, there will be a new short up from Smooth Few Films. While this short is not “The Leet World” related, I think you guys will really enjoy it. Also, its release officially marks the end of our break from The Leet World. While we’ve already done just a little for Episode Nine, production will ramp up in full force after today. I thought that would make you gents and gals happy to know.

Also, if you’re up for watching a Hitchcockian Half Life 2 machinima, check out this nifty piece from Xanatos, a respected member of the machinima community, as well as one of our own forum-goers.

Theme Song!

There are a lot of questions that we get asked repeatedly while producing our silly little internet series. Let’s run through a few of them, shall we?

“When is (insert episode number) coming?”

“Can I be a voice?”

“Will you marry me?”

“Where can I download the theme song?”

For some reason, we’ve never posted the theme song to The Leet World here. I guess we were always busy, you know, making the show. Jace, aka Damn Dangerous writes the music for our series, and you can definitely check him out at his myspace page– add him as a friend, he likes those. You can also get the theme tune here:


I know you’re all starving for Episode Nine details- but not yet. You will know more soon. For now, feel free to sign up for the forums, help us build our community, and re-watch your favorite episodes. Also, I have rounded up some of the best news tidbits of the last week or so from around the gaming industry:

The top 10 blunders of 2007, Sony repeats that MGS4 is PS3 exclusive, video games lead to a father shooting a son, the 360 is on pace for gaming’s best year ever, Japan loves them some Wii, and Warner Bros. sticks a fork in the next-gen format war.