Leeroy: A Nerd’s Path

Nick was out of town for the weekend, Daniel had work and I was sick as a dog, but all-in-all, great things still happened on the progress of Episode Twelve. Daniel and I put in an 8 hour day on Saturday and made some stuff happen. There will be some more news in a few days about when you can expect the episode, so I’m sure you’re all ready to hear that. This episode is a big one, that’s for sure.

Also, today’s Daniel’s birthday. He’s old. Not really.

Like I said before, I was pleased with how everyone responded to Ahmad’s Biography last week. Hopefully, this week will be no different. Our next stop on the biography tour is Leeroy.

Name: Leeroy
Age: 21
Team: Counter-Terrorists
Position: Communications Nerd

Some of Leeroy’s earliest memories revolve around being able to hold a Sega Genesis controller in his chubby infant hands. While it was his father’s hobby, Leeroy often watched the colorful sprites zip around the television screen, fascinated by the way the little black plastic system could render the action that he was witnessing. His father, the computer programmer, an anti-social recluse himself, was eager to have something which would provide a bond between him and his offspring. He pushed the controlling apparatus for each gaming system into Leeroy’s hands one after the other, nursing a father-son pastime into something that would one day become an obsession.

The day that changed Leeroy’s life forever was the first day he experienced the joy of operating a keyboard and a mouse to kill computerized minions. With early 90’s titles like Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Duke Nukem, Leeroy soon abandoned the consoles for more civilized gaming ventures. With the help of his father, Leeroy assembled his first gargantuan gaming rig at 10 years old in anticipation of the release of Quake II. Soon enough, he was participating in the modding community, much to his father’s delight.

Leeroy’s love for modding and manipulating his favorite PC games easily translated over into other software. He began running multiple OS’s on a number of computers, writing programs, initiating protocols and all kinds of other technical jargon. Once the internet was introduced into his life, the young boy was surfing everywhere, gaining access to whatever he could, seeking more knowledge than he ever thought possible. And more cyber roleplay than he could have ever hoped for.

Beyond playing his first PC game, the second most momentous occasion of young Leeroy’s life occurred in the summer before his freshman year of high school, where he experienced his new love: Dungeons and Dragons. By the time he was 15, Leeroy was his school’s most renowned DM. His superb imagination combined with his love for fantasy made people feel that his stories were coming alive. Plus, he wore costumes.

At 17, Leeroy graduated early from high school after selling a program to several school districts that allowed them to integrate attendance programs with their online gradebooks. Using a backdoor into this process, Leeroy sold other students a chance to look at their grades, and for a small fee, he would change them. The gifted youngster was accepted into MIT after graduation— and that’s where fate took its turn.

When Leeroy was 18, something horrible and wonderful happened. Frigid Entertainment released its momentous MMORPG, World of Battlelore. Combining the two loves of Leeroy’s life, fantasy and gaming, the computer wiz was transformed into a shell of his former self. Using his beloved Wood Elf character, Leeroy rallied guilds and legions of fans, becoming the number 1 wood elf for his entire server. Forum posts were written, internet memes created, all while Leeroy’s grades fell off due to his lack of studies. It was there that he met his girlfriend, 22 year old Glrydmersh (can we buy a vowel please) from the Proddenia server.

Leeroy soon failed out of MIT with a terrible addiction to World of Battlelore and thousands of dollars left to pay in school fees. With nowhere else to turn, Leeroy had to enter the workforce. While working as a cubicle monkey in his first job, Leeroy was caught hacking into a government agency’s network— he was given a job in their counter-terrorism unit one week later. He primarily worked on communications analysis and did the occasional stakeout, managing to stay out of all of the action. Then one day, Leeroy saw an ad for The Leet World come across his desk. Beaten down by the long hours and his tremendous school debt, this new reality show could be the chance of a lifetime— the chance to put everything back together.

82 thoughts on “Leeroy: A Nerd’s Path

  1. Bruce Lee

    hahaha, i could see leeroy giving out those programs in the bathroom,”Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone.”

  2. Jamessimo

    “Frigid Entertainment released its momentous MMORPG, World of Battlelore. ”

    Nice dodge of a lawsuit there :3

    Loved it! would of thought leeroy to be younger… well then again him being old makes his inabillity to get laid “IRL” is funnyer.

  3. Wayne

    Nice bio, for a nerd’s background. Hah.

    I really have to praise the thinking behind the story. Really well-organised.

    Oh, Happy b-nerd day Daniel. What presents did you get? xD

  4. dudea

    That amazing dudz great bio suits him well hope montrose next lolz
    Position: HE SHE

    U guys are awesome keep it up and i hope leetworld 12 out soon

  5. Hankinator

    haha wow leeroy is my hero he is exactly like me, but i play css instead of games like Wow, go leeroy!! also happy 27th birthday!

  6. DarkNova50

    From such a promising young nerd to being shot in the back of the head…

    By the way, Frigid Entertainment? Not bad.

  7. GainesWorthy

    Happy Birfday, also, I though it would be awesome if these were videos not that. I mean to have someone narrating his life.

    Otherwise, fantastic job as allways, and good job on the episodes, as if you didn’t know.

  8. Aijati

    Nice job on the bio. No wonder he was able to build a GIANT computer in that cave. Have you had these ideas all along or have just thought up their backgrounds recently? Can’t wait for the next one.

  9. zeke (AUSTRALIA)

    very funny but sad at the same time. To see someones life slide into nothing like that. Why would you want to play such a crap game??!!

  10. Nuginator

    Been waiting for his bio

    Leeroy soon failed out of MIT with a terrible addiction to World of Battlelore

    shouldnt it be
    Leeroy soon bailed out of MIT with a terrible addiction to World of Battlelore

  11. Nate Dogg

    ROFL! Joking, wasn’t as i expected. I thought his life would be more life Ahmad’s, and have more humor to it but it was still interesting to read. “he met his girlfriend, 22 year old Glrydmersh (can we buy a vowel please) from the Proddenia server.” …….. WOW!!! I had to laugh at that one. I bet she is fat and really hairy lol. Happy Birthday Daniel and I hope you get some awesome presents you can tell us about. I “Hope” you will do Player next, that should be the funniest on I bet. And Montrose would also be a good one to do next. I really want to know if he’s metro sexual or if he actually had sex with a man. ROFL!

  12. Nuginator

    I think that he is the gay where he just likes pretty colours and all that
    I dont think he is a serious have sex with another man gay

  13. Nik565

    dammit now I can’t decide on what team I want to win now. I guess I’ll have to read the next bios before choosing a side

  14. R3450N

    Wtf you guys talkin bout, montrose is 100% fruit, the dood talks like fking mr.garrison off Southpark.

    oh yea, forgot to say Happy b-day, god damn 27, thats almost half of 60 son! hahaha dun worry bout it!


  15. Nate Dogg

    Im pretty sure your right about montrose being like mr garrison. So he must have did something with another man.

  16. Jaba^

    Hey guys, AWESOME… LW is a great success! =) i <3 it, if you dont mind, i put links in my website so people can watch it… im surprised that some people dont know what it is!!!!! but i’m introducing it to them step by step =) and so far, every person loves it!

    thanks guys for this series, and keep on going, cant wait for the rest of the episodes & the bio’s

  17. Sean

    Hi Leeroy!

    Meet me on Team Fortress 2 ok? What was that game you play again? World Of War Craft?And what is your user name? I would totaly want to see you there!

  18. MayoR

    Greatest line so far this series is when leeroy is in his lair, and ahmad goes “are you getting action right now??……. CAN I WATCH??”

  19. hellfire

    [quote comment=”4476″]AHMAD OWNZ LEEROYYY[/quote]
    hell no! leeroy will summon his great black dragon and pwn ahmad all the way ! :p

  20. Nate Dogg

    [quote comment=”4477″][quote comment=”4476″]AHMAD OWNZ LEEROYYY[/quote]
    hell no! leeroy will summon his great black dragon and pwn ahmad all the way ! :p[/quote]
    ROFL HELL YA! He will someone his epic mount and pwn Ahmad!

  21. thefarge

    lol i can imagine a whole load of people crowding around him going “hey if you change my 2 to a 30 ill give you $5”

  22. Chet

    Stop hanging around on that f***en computer and hang with us! Why the hell are you in-love with World Of Battlelore? If you love it so much why don’t you just marry it?

  23. Random?

    Well you know, his GF might actually be a beautiful lady. Thats how I met one of my best friends.

  24. thunderBird

    Looking back at this kind of does not tell the full story of Leeroy. It certainly explains the “nerdiness”, but where in good God’s green earth did he learn to shoot so good? Some background information on that maybe should have been provided, maybe like experience in playing FPS’ on the PC?

  25. Mark

    “Forum posts were written, internet memes created.”

    Could it be like, Leroy JENKINS?!?!

    …which also begs the question, since player is a walking meme, why didnt he use Leroy Jenkins for any scene?!


  26. Mr.McStupid

    hehehe lerroy jekins.. anway,

    Nice bio. all the bios are kick major nut sacks

    love em

    i also find it funny how i understand EVERY thing he says MMO(RPG) related.. sad really.. 😛

  27. Twidley

    I relate to Leeroy a lot of the time, only I’m 15 and I enjoy learning about Physics more than PC games, it’s just cooler, because it’s the rules that govern the universe, not just some pixels.

    Though I do play WoW, and I’m of course a Gnomish Mage with Engineering.

    I would rather like to know what type of music Leeroy likes, sad I know, seeking conformation in an aspired to fictional charter for taste in music, but I have no role-models, bar that guy off that toothpaste advert, and that doesn’t really count since I only aspire to have hair like him…

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