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First Look: Leet World Season 3 Screenshot

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a screenshot of an upcoming episode of The Leet World. We’ve been keeping mum on the show as much as we can since it’s still quite a ways out, but we’re starting to hit that point where we can give you guys a few glimpses and teases. Part of that is due to the nature of working in a new medium — we’re still trying to work out some of the kinks of Source Filmmaker. And part of that is we want to do as much as we can to make the show still feel like Leet World even though the characters are capable of new things, like karate chops.

Speaking of. Episode 1’s got a few familiar faces in it, and Leeroy just happens to be one of them. He’s mighty concerned about something.

Leet World Season 3 Episode 1: Leeroy

Traitorous Nerd

portal-turretIs it really almost February? About a year ago at this time, we released the Portal video and got our site shut down by a flurry of visitors, who picked our site clean and left its carcass to dry. And then we moved on to Episode 9 of the first season.

The next episode of Season Two is going to hit in just a few days, so be ready for it. We’re kind of kicking ass production-wise right now. In fact, we’re already doing some pre-production on Episode Six.

Basically, we are slapping episodes with our pimp hands and then riding the wave. Ok, that last stuff isn’t true. Anywho, here’s a poll to ponder in the meantime. Log-in first, and then vote:

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Eye Candy

Episode Twelve is coming within a week. Unfortunately, I can’t give any more details than that, but it’s on its way and ready to be watched. If you haven’t had a chance, get to reading Leeroy’s Bio and find out more about your favorite nerd. Some brand new screenies:

Trickeration Eye of the Tiger. Rawr. COMPUDAR!1!

While Daniel and Nick are working their post-production surgery on Episode Twelve, I’m busy putting together (writing, building in Forge, etc) our next Halo short. Here are some early screenies of the location, from the new map “Blackout”.

Moonlit Night Mystery Door

What’s behind the mystery door? Lulz, of course.

Leeroy: A Nerd’s Path

Nick was out of town for the weekend, Daniel had work and I was sick as a dog, but all-in-all, great things still happened on the progress of Episode Twelve. Daniel and I put in an 8 hour day on Saturday and made some stuff happen. There will be some more news in a few days about when you can expect the episode, so I’m sure you’re all ready to hear that. This episode is a big one, that’s for sure.

Also, today’s Daniel’s birthday. He’s old. Not really.

Like I said before, I was pleased with how everyone responded to Ahmad’s Biography last week. Hopefully, this week will be no different. Our next stop on the biography tour is Leeroy.

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Stop – Hammer-Time

Much thanks to those dudes who helped me mess with Hammer over the weekend, especially Lord Ned. Dude went way out of his way to listen to me gripe about it. It’s funny, because all I wanted to do was some simple tweaks to make Militia a little more functional for what we use it for, and in reality I should have done it sooner.

I have to say I’m pleased with how well Ahmad’s Bio has been received by you guys. Truthfully, Nick’s been bugging me to write character bios since, um, forever, but Nick is usually wrong about stuff so I didn’t listen. I’m kidding. Nick is mostly always right so I should have listened long ago. We’ll be adding one of those each week.

Keep cracking on those Themetacular Challenge entries. A few of you have been asking for the vocals, which have been added to the official rules page.

And finally, some new screenshots of Episode Twelve, complete with Leeroy’s Lair, now working in Counter-Strike: Source instead of GMod.

The Circle Is Complete Backdoor-ing Crazy Plans

More extras coming soon.

Leeroy’s Masterpiece

We promised it when we released Episode 10, so here it is: the premier of Leeroy’s short film, “Conform”.

[Sarcasm]  It is a heartfelt drama about… well, really, you’ll just have to watch it for yourselves. Leeroy’s a deep thinker, you see, and that kind of stuff just goes over my head.

Other quotes about the movie:

“NeEDS MOAR SeTS!11!”- Player

“A digimal triumph.”- Ellis

“I don’t know what the f— this movie is about.”- Chet

Try to enjoy. You won’t be able to if you’re not artsy enough. At least, that’s what Leeroy told us.[/Sarcasm] Also, expect some more extras by the end of the week.

FYI- This movie is a joke. It’s supposed to be bad.

Episode 9 Deleted Scenes!

I promised extras, and now I’m here to stand and deliver. And while I’m not as good looking as Lou Diamond Phillips, it makes my gift no less interesting: deleted scenes from Episode Nine: Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re here for the actual episode, scroll down or check it out on our episodes page.

There are two clips you’ll see. The first is a scene that was removed from near the beginning of the episode, and the second happens once the folks are comfortably answering phones in the office. Both were largely removed due to concerns about the length of the episode. I know that some of you guys wish every episode was about 2 hours long, but sometimes you can perform addition by subtraction- making sure everything flows well, stays tight, and maintains a strong and fluid pace.

Keep in mind that these are unfinished clips. That means the audio hasn’t been finalized, green screens are still present, and there is no music or ambient sound. Listen closely and you can hear Kerry on the verge of laughter as he performs Leeroy’s last couple of lines.

Scheduled Downtime Tonight

Hi folks, just a quick note… We’ve been informed by our webhost that they will be moving server clusters tonight, November 30th, starting at 10:00PM PST (GMT – 8). They estimate this process will take about 8 hours, so for those of us living on Central time, it should be fairly painless. For folks in other countries… not so much.

Thanks, and, as always, please donate. Your dollars buy Leeroy more computer peripherals.