Our Kindly Webmaster

Jeff (aka JJ or unsquare) does a whole bunch for Smooth Few Films. He’s our good-hearted webmaster, an occasional guest writer for the series (he wrote Episode Nine). and in general does a lot to keep this website functioning. Most of this community really wouldn’t be possible without him. Today’s his birthday, so I wanted to make a post and let all you guys wish him a happy one.

Thanks, Jeff, and happy birthday! Find yourself a good burro.

36 thoughts on “Our Kindly Webmaster

  1. CBI Elite

    Haha, what’re the odds! I just spent the better half of an hour addressing all the accumulated b-days on my FB account, and now I see this!

    The best for last I suppose! Happy birthday brotha’, you enjoy yourself now. Paaartaaayyyy!! BRING THE GOD DAMNED LIMES!

  2. BBC

    happy Birthday jedd 🙂
    andr you all guys are the best!!! keep up the good work…
    leet world is the best show ever i love it 😀

  3. Griffen the Canuck

    Happy birthday, eh. For your birthday are some hockey tickets (just kidding, I’m flat broke anyway).

  4. Tiger

    Hip hip, hurray!

    Happy birthday man, and thanks to you as well for all your input on leetworld. Have a good one!

  5. Cain

    May god bless his soul with eternal nerdiness, hot chicks as well as hot chocolate every morning!

  6. theodoh

    hapy bday! hope its a good one, and i give many thanks to you for the service of this website!

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