Montrose: Second Fiddle

Well, now that Episode Twelve has come and gone, things are really starting to gather steam on our end. I know that you guys will be upset when the season is done in two episodes, but for us, it’s a goal that we’re trying to hit and a pretty cool accomplishment. We feel like we’ve told a fun story so far and we’re looking forward to how it’s going to wrap up.

The next month is pretty packed: as of now, we’re planning to bring a new short (maybe two), Episode Thirteen, a new podcast and lots of other cool features. I think you guys will enjoy what we’ve got cooking. But then again, we’re terrible at planning and like an antithesis to Ian Malcolm’s “Life finds a way” speech in Jurassic Park, things tend to find a way to kick us as far as our production schedule goes. That’s when life shows up and hisses at us and blinds us with its black gooey saliva of eye-pain.

Naturally, I assumed that releasing an episode would override any desire to read the next character bio, but clearly, you people are addicted. So, as planned, here’s this week’s installment of The Leet World character bios: Montrose.

Name: Montrose
Age: 29
Team: Terrorists
Position: Number Two, Sharpshooter

Born into a terribly wealthy family, Montrose was a boy much like any other boy in his neighborhood. Not only did he like shooting air rifles, playing hide and seek and making fun of others less fortunate than him, he also liked to play dress up and showed a penchant for interior decorating. Wait, that’s actually not like any of the other boys at all.

Montrose’s stinking rich parents were not around all that much, what with the various trips they had to take and the country club functions to attend, but when they were, they encouraged Montrose to pursue his interests, especially the lucrative ones. After his dad desperately pleaded with him to join his junior high lacrosse team, Montrose discovered something else about himself – he was kind of a bad ass. Sure, the boys liked to make fun of him for the way he talked, dressed and acted. But his aim on the lacrosse field was unmatched, and he had the physical prowess to really knock some of his peers down. This discovery lead to a surprising amount of confidence from the young fashion-obsessed preteen, and he developed a quick wit to verbally dominate those that would oppose him.

By the time he was in high school, Montrose’s feminine ways were generally accepted, but he longed to follow his heart and his dreams to attend a university where he could study design. Applying himself fully to the classroom, he graduated from high school one year early and at the head of his class. Many of Montrose’s friends would later describe him as one of the smartest people they ever knew, though he often hid it underneath sassy retorts.

While in college, Montrose soared through his general requirements, always breaking the curve in his classes. His one goal was to come away from school with a major in fashion design, and he even started a brief clothing line that he ran out of his dorm room titled “Jaguar Boots”. Montrose kind of has a thing for boots, owning upwards of 1000 pairs.

However, like most young lads do when they move away from home and go to an expensive school, Montrose became blindly devoted to a variety of political causes. Foregoing his studies to attend rallies and protests for whatever kids protest about, he soon left the college campus and flew overseas, in order to see more of the world with his own eyes. And this is when his life changed.

While traveling through third world countries, Montrose caught the eye of a vocal political figure known simply to the public as “The Jaguar”. The Jaguar was committed to bettering the society of poverty around him. His smart political rhetoric quickly endeared Montrose to him, and he was offered a job within the Jaguar’s staff as a general errand boy and wardrobe consultant.

However, things were not as they seemed. The Jaguar was more than a political figure – he ran an underground terrorist cell, striking various targets in order to promote his agenda. Montrose was quickly swept up into this world, fascinated by the people that he met, and the things that he saw. Over the years, Montrose rose through the Jaguar’s ranks to become the behind-the-scenes brains of the operations. He made plans, phone calls, oversaw missions, and helped the Jaguar with his hair and makeup before big speeches. During this time, he met Enrique, who became one of his best friends.

While many saw Montrose as a potential replacement for the aging Jaguar, there were many more who would be offended that such an apparently feminine man could be their leader. Besides, it was so embarrassing when he would sweat to the oldies wearing his pink high tops every morning around the base.

After the Jaguar passed on, Montrose was pushed out of the regime and sent on his way after another, more “manly” figure stepped into the mantle of the Jaguar, taking the name for himself. Montrose didn’t want to be the leader, but deep down wondered if he was really suited for the job after all. Heart broken and left with nowhere to go, both Montrose and Enrique traveled back to the United States in order to audition for a reality show that offered the chic terrorist a new hope for a new life- The Leet World.

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  1. Khu

    You are right, we are addicted.



    But you have really thought this out. *nods*

  2. zeke (AUSTRALIA)

    Well i must admit i didn’t see happening that he was an actual terrorist. Nevertheless nice bio lads!

  3. roxodon

    Montrose is awesome, you guys are awesome!

    to be honest, due to Montrose’s quick wits and extreme shooting I love the guy, he is my favorite together with player (duuh).

    Keep up the very good work, I’m spreading the word to all my swedish friends ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. ClanFever

    Cool, when can I act. LET ME

    If I bring my pc to your place with unlimited broadbandz, can I? I bags player ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. LeetProfessor

    nice bio, waiting for chet’s i <3 the storyline of this movie xD and if u dun mind adding me. i have a few questions about video editing :]

  6. Scorpie

    Great bio, i think this is the best so far, keep up the good work!

    [quote comment=”4773″]another good bio ^^ im looking forward to chet’s bio =][/quote]

    Yea me too, mainly because i have the feeling it’s going to sound a lot like my own life with all the drinking and partying ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and Ellis’ because he will probably have the most fucked up childhood of them all :p

  7. Halfaren

    [quote comment=”4775″]Great bio, i think this is the best so far, keep up the good work!

    [quote comment=”4773″]another good bio ^^ im looking forward to chet’s bio =][/quote]

    Yea me too, mainly because i have the feeling it’s going to sound a lot like my own life with all the drinking and partying ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and Ellis’ because he will probably have the most fucked up childhood of them all :p[/quote]

    well after watching American Pie : Beta Delta it makes me want to see it soooo much more ๐Ÿ˜›

  8. Shaunoez

    haha, montrose is a good character, but hes not as funny without ellis
    and vice versa, ellis is still by far my favourite char (ignoring the whole incest bit)
    mostly coz his name is my last name, and his insults are the best ๐Ÿ˜€

    do Ellis’s Bio next

  9. John

    Enrique is the guy that they mentioned in the podcasts would be a jail guard at Italy in a deleted scene where Chet gets arrested. Having been old friends with Enrique, Montrose would be able to get Chet out.

  10. AlphaHawk

    Enrique is the Metro Cop guy in the old old promo for it. You can find it on youtube. And yes, we ARE addicted…..*twitch*

  11. Aijati

    That was pretty cool. I wouldn’t have guessed that Montrose was rich. But something seems suspicious about the more “manly” figure. Also nice connection with Cortez saying that Montrose would become the leader of the terrorists if anything happened to him. Can’t wait for Westhiemers, his seems like it would be interesting.

  12. Nuginator

    Sweet bio No where near what I had imagined

    I could of had 3rd Post! Something about enable cookies or something

  13. Nuginator

    [quote comment=”4789″]Whoยดs Enrique?[/quote]
    Watch the Trailer on Youtube you’ll find out

  14. Misfit_zer0

    [quote comment=”4808″][quote comment=”4796″]hes 29???[/quote]
    Surprised me as well[/quote]
    i think it surpised everyone x[

    but thats a good bio
    hoping to see Play3rs soon x]

  15. LFH

    Hmm, nice u guys, wonder what happend with this “Enrique” guy perhaps he will show up in season 2 ? ๐Ÿ™‚ There is going to be more seasons right guys ……. ?

  16. zeke (AUSTRALIA)

    I don’t think you should put Enriqu on there unless you give him a big introduction. The only people would know what your talking about would be the people that saw the youtube trailer.

  17. Dudea

    Sick … I like taht he is the sharpshooter great idea… give us an update on Epi 13 soon y u guys are great KEEP IT UP

  18. Dudea

    @9 is not a surprise because he has a few wrinkles on his face when u look closely and his beard His huge

  19. Fry

    I’m stilling waiting for the episode when Ellis and Montrose kiss. Leet World needs a gay romance.

  20. andrewthebear

    [quote comment=”4769″]Well i must admit i didn’t see happening that he was an actual terrorist. Nevertheless nice bio lads![/quote]

    I guess the fact he is on the terrorist team meant nothing to you?

  21. the BXRabbit

    It’s interesting they don’t mention his homosexuality or teabagging. If you read this without seeing the episodes he seems metrosexual at the most. I can’t wait for Players bio too, im betting he ends up being 12 years old or something. Ellis’ will be funny too (if a bit creepy) I’m guessing, and Chet’s will undoubtedly be filled with booze and bitches. Keep it up guys, you’re doing a great job.

  22. Poison

    awesome you guys, waiting for the favorite P14Y3R. my favorites are P14Y3R, Chet, Montrose, ellis, and Cortez. Th3 1337 W0R1D FTW

  23. lolcat

    can you make a mini series about montrose’ time as a terrorist and one about the lolcat plz

  24. Ellis

    Why are you the most sharpshooter! Cortez could be wrong and just likes your f***en headband!

  25. vcool

    It is very reminiscnet of Fidel Castro’s biography. ๐Ÿ™‚ The only difference is that Fidel was never feminine, and in the end Fidel did take “Jaguars” place.

  26. Mr.McStupid

    awesome bio guys, sorry for being so late at comenting, i joined at EP 3, and just watched, and never comented, but now that the fanale is out and stuff, i just had to express myself ๐Ÿ˜› in a posative way ๐Ÿ˜›

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