Force Friday

If you haven’t played the Force Unleashed demo yet, go do so. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in a Star Wars game. And in real life.

Speaking of games, I thought I’d update and let you guys know that our new gaming blog should hopefully be up and running soon. We’ve got some other great writers on board, so it’ll be a good time once it’s kicking.

Also, the GRIEF trailer is scheduled to make its debut this weekend, and if not then, early next week. It’s very trailer-ish.

And lastly, a small concept screenshot of the title sequence Daniel is working on for Web Zeroes. This is an earlier mock-up, so the final will look different from this in terms of some design tweaks, just wanted to give you guys a little peak at the process:

20 thoughts on “Force Friday

  1. roge LT

    yha a dude with the power of the force going bizerk on stromtroopers, AT-ST, and do not forget TIEs. that sounds like reall fun… now if you exques me (pardin my spelling) but thers a Imp. star distoryer faling out of the sky right now BRB…

    (I am sorry if this sounded mean jist the way I weight some times… but the game looks like fun.) by the way did mendosa (sorry bad with names) win?

  2. GunshyPigeon

    I cant wait for GRIEF or Web Zeroes!!

    and The Force Unleashed demo is uber-amazing!!!!!! but way too short, I wanted to throw a wookie!

    YAY 4th!!!! yay never been so low a number!

  3. JJ

    [quote comment=”10922″]I like this thing with editing your coment but why only 5 minutes from the post?[/quote]

    It’s an arbitrary number, really. It’s mostly meant so you can correct typos or rethink something you said, not so you can, for example, completely change the nature of your comment after a bunch of other people have posted.

  4. Zachariah

    this post has no interesting news regarding the adventurous exploits of the mighty Player. and therefore, I will only passively read it.

  5. John

    Everything sounds awesome, but am I the only one who is reminded of Toy Story when I look at that promo pic?

  6. Eddy

    [quote comment=”10949″]wat program did you guys use to render camera man? illustrator? flash? o.O[/quote]


  7. Berminator

    I’d have to say I was disappointed with the Star Wars demo. Only a game worth renting for me. I was hoping it would at least have better graphics instead of looking like some CAPCOM button masher combo arcade game. Nice physics, but seriously, I was hoping for more of a closer third person camera like in Mass Effect and at least better graphics that can show off what the 360 can do with a Star Wars game. Maybe more along the lines of the old Jedi Knight series in gameplay. Dang theatrical trailers.

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