Introducing: GamerSushi

GamerSushi is a new gaming blog run by your lovable dudes at Smooth Few Films, plus a couple of friends. It’s a place where we talk about all things gaming related, where the focus is “Byte Sized Bits” of gaming info and features.

Nick and Jeff did a great job putting the site together, and I think you gamers (which is most of you) will really like it. GamerSushi should be updated with gaming content several times a day, especially during PAX this weekend. While there I will be posting videos and pictures of games that aren’t even out yet that I view on the showroom floor.

Anywho, go check it out, register and join in on the discussions. The site’s not quite finished just yet, and is a work in progress, so be patient during the growing pains. Also, this is just one of a few sites we’re working on. We hope to see you guys there regularly.


17 thoughts on “Introducing: GamerSushi

  1. Eddy

    Nothing should change on TLW, if that’s what you’re asking. We’ll still update the same as we always do- when we’ve got something to say.

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