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King of Contracts

Bobby KingAh, it’s good to be back. After a two week break, we now present to you Episode 20 of Web Zeroes, The Negotiator. In this edition of our Web show, the guys are working on a deal with Revision3 to secure their very own show. And who do they let work his negotiating magic? None other than the king of everything himself, Mr. Bobby King. You probably know how that goes down.

This sets the stage for the rest of the season, which is getting a bit more hectic to film, as you’ll see in the coming weeks. If I could give Jace Ford all of the props (who wants to be given actual props, anyway) in the world for his music this week, I would do so. Additionally, much thanks to the Revision3 folks who appeared in this episode. They are actually some of my favorite bits in it.

In other news, be sure to check out yesterday’s post for some cool personal things we’re working on. As for now, you know the drill: hit the jump to see the episode!
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filmThis weekend marked the second time that Smooth Few Films has been together in the 2 years since The Leet World started, and we had ourselves a good time. A hard, busy, working-like-burros time, but a good time nonetheless. Mr. Dangerous, Jace Ford himself, flew down from California to bring his expertise and his music to the new project and the finale. Our webmaster and co-writer JJ also drove in from Austin.

We used the holiday weekend to beat the new project like it stole something from us (ex: our lives), putting in four consecutive twelve hour work days. We also talked Final Fantasy 7, video game music, argued about making a cooler of beer look awesome, and ate lots of queso.

Signing deals means deadlines, and we are rushing like crazy to meet them. In all honesty, we probably shouldn’t be working on the TLW Finale at all to make sure that we hit these mystical lines of death, but we are doing so whenever we can spare an instant, just for you guys, since we think you’re cool. We’ve barely been able to make much progress on it in the last two weeks. That being said, the Finale should be out some time next week. Or at least, that’s what we’re gunning for. Feel free to woot.

If you’re curious about what our weekend looked like, hit the jump to see some pictarz of our SFF Reunion. Jace is the wild one that looks like an animal.
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Intruder Alert

We now present Episode 9 of Season 2, Stranger in the House, for your devouring. Eat and be merry, fools. With this, we approach the final lap, which, as I’ve said before, is more than a tad nuts. Hold on to your butts, Jurassic Park style.

In this episode, Asher continues his mysterious agenda, and the two teams analyze themselves in the light of a new announcement from the Producer. Be sure to check out the TLW premiere page to see a bigger version of the episode. Clear your browser cache if you see the old video.

Or just check out the new episode after the jump!
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The Drunken PSA

We’d like to introduce the first edition of Know About It, the PSA series where Chet teaches you valuable life lessons. In this installment, our party animal discusses the many finer points of Spring Break, and how to survive it like a true bro-fessional.

Hopefully we get to do a few more PSA’s just like this one in the near future. The idea of Chet being an expert on anything at all is kind of funny to us. And maybe just a little bit scary.

See the video after the jump!
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The Bro Down

fightAs promised, here is Season Two, Episode Four of The Leet World, Fight Nubs, ready for your hungry watching eyes. In this episode, we see the ramifications of a certain cast member’s actions, in more ways than one. It’s definitely got some lol-worthy moments, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

Be sure to visit the Season 2 premiere page to see a higher-res version of the episode. I’m a big fan of the page, and still love Nick to this day for making it. It helps Season 2 episodes feel more like an event, in my mind, which is exactly what we like. Click here to watch it.

Or if you just want to watch it the normal way, the video is waiting for you after the jump.
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The Holiday HoeDown

Well here we are, another year down, and a new one upon us. We thought we’d send 2008 off with a bang, so we brought a kingly gift- The Leet World Holiday Special, redux.

In this edition, The Leet World characters run down their favorite things about the holidays. I think it’s a mighty good time. I hope you guys enjoy it, and remember, it’s a part of One Shared Vision, the machinima movement to promote Child’s Play. I’d definitely encourage you guys to look into Child’s Play, as it’s a rockin’ charity for gamers.

Speaking of video games, I hope you guys got a bunch of them for Christmas. I got Chrono Trigger DS, myself.

By the way, if you’re looking for some good entertainment at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, December 30th, then check out Halo Community Live. It’s a live broadcast of several machinimas from the Halo community including TheDuoGroup, Halo 3 Mythbusters, and more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t participate because of late notice, but I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Anywho, our new video is after the jump!

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Gears of Production

I’ve been playing Gears of War 2 like a madman all weekend. Seriously. I believe it is affecting my day-to-day interactions with those of hume kind. I am like a raving lunatic, curb stomping all in my path and demanding that random passersby get out of my way while I take mad cover. I’m a little into it. Maybe because I’m an absolute video game nut, but I guess you knew that.

If you have an XBox 360, I’d recommend getting it just for Horde mode, which is probably the crowning jewel of the title. Great stuff. I’ll be doing a review for GamerSushi sometime in the near future, so that’ll be fun.

Filming marches onward, and I wish I could show you some more, but we’re trying to guard Episode 1’s secrets like some ancient guild. You’ll see more soon enough.

In the meantime, a new episode of Web Zeroes is on the way this week. Should be up within a few days.  Happy Waiting. And if you haven’t bought the TLW Season One Soundtrack yet, something is wrong with you.

Introducing: GamerSushi

GamerSushi is a new gaming blog run by your lovable dudes at Smooth Few Films, plus a couple of friends. It’s a place where we talk about all things gaming related, where the focus is “Byte Sized Bits” of gaming info and features.

Nick and Jeff did a great job putting the site together, and I think you gamers (which is most of you) will really like it. GamerSushi should be updated with gaming content several times a day, especially during PAX this weekend. While there I will be posting videos and pictures of games that aren’t even out yet that I view on the showroom floor.

Anywho, go check it out, register and join in on the discussions. The site’s not quite finished just yet, and is a work in progress, so be patient during the growing pains. Also, this is just one of a few sites we’re working on. We hope to see you guys there regularly.