Hour of Power

I don’t have time for much of an update, but if you’ve been paying attention to US News at all, then you know that Hurricane Ike came through Houston and rocked the city. The storm pretty much came in and took a path of ownage straight to the area where Nick and I live.

We came through all right, no damage to our places, but neither of us have had power since Friday night, which was 3 days ago. Water just came back at my apartment last night, so that’s good. We’ve been chilling with my brother, who was one of the first of 2.1 million people to get power back.

If you hadn’t guessed, this kind of puts a damper on any immediate plans we had. It’s not too big of a setback, it’s just that Daniel couldn’t come back in town when he planned, and it’s delaying the filming of both GRIEF episode 1 and Web Zeroes as well. I also had a TLW related project I was going to work on over the weekend that’s on hold indefinitely, though I plan on picking it back up once we have some electricity to work with.

In addition, the soundtrack is just about ready for release, but there are some finishing touches that also can’t happen until you know, our city is functioning again. Anywho, once again, thanks for all the great comments on Web Zeroes, we’re really proud to have released it, and thanks for all the well wishes over the weekend.Β 

Also, if you haven’t been to GamerSushi yet, I just put up an article today about some of Halo’s underrated qualities. Go join the discussion.

15 thoughts on “Hour of Power

  1. Elite Hunter 02

    Thank God your places weren’t seriously damaged. I hope you guys get power back soon. You survived the storm and kept it leet. I can’t wait for the soundtrack to come out, the music is awesome! You guys rock! Peace Out!

  2. Dustin

    Sounds like you guys are having a BLAST.

    Hope you guys are still having fun, even though you have no electricity. Must be hard. Hope you guys pull through alright, though. Good luck!

  3. Boxin

    I’m glad you guys and your places aren’t seriously damaged. Maybe you guys can get “I survived Hurricane Ike” T-shirts like I did when Ivan came rumbling through Florida :D.


    Absolutely. I had to evacuate from the Texas coast as well. Still no power for me. Smooth Few rocks my socks!

  5. angeloftheafterlife

    dude!! i am an idiot… i didn’t know you guys were in houston. i live in houston to… had to evacuate and everything… and, to top it all off, my roof caved in. sounds like you guys faired alot better. good thing, cuz i needs me some TLW!!

  6. Eddy

    Oh man, that sucks about your roof. Glad to hear you guys are alright, though. Not having a power for a week is better than having part of your house messed up, so I don’t have much room to complain.


    I live an hour south of houston. Still no power for me. Yeah, the minute I saw you guys were from Houston I was like, ” holy crap that’s awesome!” Now I realize where you got the names Montrose and Westheimer from. lulz

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