The Waterga Attack

I told you guys I would post about the crazy flooding that happened in my apartment the other night. Basically, the water heater exploded and dumped water all throughout the living room, the bedroom, etc.

Luckily, it didn’t quite make it all the way back to the spare bedroom, where all of our equipment resides, but it got pretty darn close. The padding and carpet had to be torn out so it could dry, and my wife and I had to move all of the furniture to any spot that was dry.

You should recognize some of this stuff because it’s where we film Web Zeroes. Here are some pics:

Anywho, things are mostly back to normal, though he haven’t moved our furniture back yet. It also managed not to slow down production, as Nick and I are busily editing audio for the first 3 episodes of Season 2. Filming starts this next week.

8 thoughts on “The Waterga Attack

  1. VertigoSFX

    That’s wicked queer man…wicked queer 🙂

    Too bad you had to do all that, I recently did similar stuff to my house…my dad and I were working on remodeling and he made the mistake of wanting to do it ourselves…so we had to rip the carpet out and it was a total nightmare.

  2. Niceman

    Wow. Looks like global warming hit you guys before time.
    Hope the bill isnt too expensive. And good to hear you are starting to film TLW, hope to hear from you guys soon *cough*G.R.I.E.F.*cough*

  3. hl2lover14

    That really sucks for you guys. Best of luck to you and your wife! Can’t wait for more TLW, Web Zeroes, AND G.R.I.E.F!!!

  4. Lord Hayden

    Ouch, looks bad. Thanks for the downloadable versions of Web Zeroes too. Hope you can get it cleaned up.

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