Preview the Soundtrack!

I thought I’d post to let you guys know that Jace (aka DamnDangerous) has put up a preview of 2 songs from the TLW Season One Soundtrack, due out in the next couple of weeks. I know we’ve been promising this thing for awhile, but getting everything in order is a lot more complicated than we thought, and the album got all the time it needed to be as excellent as possible.

The two songs are on Jace’s myspace page. One is titled “If It Bleeds”, which is from Episode 8 during the hunt of the Domination Man, and the other is called “The End of all Things” which is from part 3 of the Season Finale. He has remixed and fleshed out both of these tracks from their original small bits from the episodes and turned them into fully realized songs.

Remember, this is just a preview, so you won’t be able to download them until we start selling the album. Trust me when I say it’ll be worth it.

Each of the songs that Jace chose for the soundtrack has gotten similar treatment (10 songs in all plus 3 additional versions of the theme), so you can trust me when I say it freaking rocks. Expect a full track listing and price details in a week or so.

Go listen!

11 thoughts on “Preview the Soundtrack!

  1. Mr Leet


    Truly amazing SFF! Cant wait, i am SO buying this album… Another thing I can’t wait for is TLW Season 2, the music is going to be epic if its as good as this stuff!

    I can wait for Season 2, because i’m making a series of my own, and i’m glad you guys aren’t taking as long to release TLW episodes as i am in releasing my episodes, because it takes a month or so to make one 15 minute vid for me 😛 (Naw, my series isnt machinima, its 3D animation :D)

    Good stuff guys, cant wait for the soundtrack! you guys deserve every cent 😛

  2. Pandangerous

    wow i really like the way the world ends, it has a sort of well ending of the world feel… i cant wait for the new versions of the theme

  3. Hiro

    jace gives the leet world the kick ass soundtrack that makes it the best damn series ever, and any other series done with his music and of course sff to go with dilouge and other stuff makes it become the most awsome thing ever 🙂

    Cant wait for the soundtrack its going to be the best thing ever

  4. awkook

    COOL!!! It sounds a little different from the episodes but ITS STILL LEET! BTW, will it be on itunes? If so, i will buy it. As long as its under $9.17 caz thats all i have

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