Living in a Machinima World

It’s been a machinima filled weekend for us. Mostly in filming Episode 3, of which I’ll have some screenshots up shortly. Also wrote the Christmas special yesterday, and we’ll be working on that some this week before we break a little while for the holidays.

A couple of machinima videos for you to watch. First, there’s Clear Skies, a production by Ian Chisolm which uses the Source engine and EVE Online. Lots of good stuff there. Very impressive Hammer/GMod work.

Secondly, a few weeks ago I posted about OneSharedVision, a machinima community effort to promote the charity Child’s Play. Anywho, Dave Tyner made this week’s video and it kind of rules. Unreal squaring off against Halo, “You Got Served” style. A tad bit of language, so be warned.

Our video for this will appear next week. If you hadn’t guessed, it’s the Christmas Special.

10 thoughts on “Living in a Machinima World

  1. BritishAreBest9312

    These videos are awesome, also can’t wait for your Christmas special to come out. Keep rocking out you guys.


    Clear Skies is one of the best Machinima movies out there. It’s very cool how they synced EvE and Source. It’s a must watch dudes, go see it.

    and woot, Christmas special!

  3. Maxxef

    why is UT3 portrayed as so much more bad-ass than halo 3? oh well, both were pretty cool. let’s see the x-mas special, then!

  4. 5aga-m4n

    Clear Skies is like a feature film… Haven’t watched it yet but I probably will in the morning. On a different subject, that unreal vs halo was really well made but I know nothing about the engine.

    All in all, it looks like there’s finally alot more machinima potential coming outside of Halo 3!

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