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The Holiday HoeDown

Well here we are, another year down, and a new one upon us. We thought we’d send 2008 off with a bang, so we brought a kingly gift- The Leet World Holiday Special, redux.

In this edition, The Leet World characters run down their favorite things about the holidays. I think it’s a mighty good time. I hope you guys enjoy it, and remember, it’s a part of One Shared Vision, the machinima movement to promote Child’s Play. I’d definitely encourage you guys to look into Child’s Play, as it’s a rockin’ charity for gamers.

Speaking of video games, I hope you guys got a bunch of them for Christmas. I got Chrono Trigger DS, myself.

By the way, if you’re looking for some good entertainment at 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, December 30th, then check out Halo Community Live. It’s a live broadcast of several machinimas from the Halo community including TheDuoGroup, Halo 3 Mythbusters, and more. Unfortunately, we couldn’t participate because of late notice, but I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Anywho, our new video is after the jump!

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Living in a Machinima World

It’s been a machinima filled weekend for us. Mostly in filming Episode 3, of which I’ll have some screenshots up shortly. Also wrote the Christmas special yesterday, and we’ll be working on that some this week before we break a little while for the holidays.

A couple of machinima videos for you to watch. First, there’s Clear Skies, a production by Ian Chisolm which uses the Source engine and EVE Online. Lots of good stuff there. Very impressive Hammer/GMod work.

Secondly, a few weeks ago I posted about OneSharedVision, a machinima community effort to promote the charity Child’s Play. Anywho, Dave Tyner made this week’s video and it kind of rules. Unreal squaring off against Halo, “You Got Served” style. A tad bit of language, so be warned.

Our video for this will appear next week. If you hadn’t guessed, it’s the Christmas Special.

Machinima for Charity, One Shared Vision

Just wanted to give you guys a head’s up about One Shared Vision, a totally sweet machinima project put together by several machinimakers in the community, with the goal of letting people know about Child’s Play, a charity that donates games to children in hospitals.

Each week, a new machinima will be out, promoting Child’s Play and also providing some bueno holiday entertainment and/or lulz. That’s a proper film making term, be tee dub.

Smooth Few Films is a part of this project, and you will see a short from us later this month. It might star some of your favorite TLW dudes.

For now, enjoy the launch of One Shared Vision by watching this video from machinima dude supreme Phil Rice, and be sure to find out more about Child’s Play to help! It’s an excellent charity that raises millions of dollars worth of games for sick kids in hospitals.

Seriously, the ending slays me every time.