Source Wars and Cameos

So it looks like the next few weeks of my life will be absorbed by either Hammer or Faceposer. No, I can’t tell you why. But here’s a hint: it’s for TLW. In case you missed the update, Episodes 6 and 7 are going to mark the halfway point for Season 2. Stuff is about to go down. For real.

Anywho, we’ve got a new TLW based short coming out this weekend, and Episode 6 will be dropping sometime next week. Get excited. There are a lot of fun elements in every aspect of production for the next two episodes, ranging from sound design to color correcting and Hammer work. I’m just pumped about how the end products are going to turn out.

There’s a chance many of you have already seen Cortez’s cameo in Source Wars, made by Xanatos and crew, but if you haven’t, you should give it a watch. Xanatos did this with our permission, and he’s a bud of ours, so I was happy to lend my voice. It’s pretty goofy, but definitely good for some laughs.

15 thoughts on “Source Wars and Cameos


    When I want a great ol laugh, I always head to xanatos`s and crew`s youtube videos. They are halarious…

    I first jumped when Cortez was in there. I was wondering if you were going to post this on the page here.

    Too bad he had to try to be a badass again to defeat the monster blade vehicle thing.

  2. Untitled

    I saw this last week, and I laughed when Cortez died. He should win with his badass powers.


    Man Eddy, yo guys are becoming famous 😀
    How did u record those dialogs, u sent him the voice sounds to him by e-mail or something ?
    Or u went to his house ? 😀

  4. Eddy

    I have to admit, it was weird seeing the T skins and not have the voices of Ellis Montrose and Ahmad coming out of them.

  5. Goldeneye1989

    yeah, even i have started to play as Montrose only on the T’s side and asking how they like their tea….

    and i fhtye want one scoop … or two

  6. Raptor Pilot

    Me: “So, Cortez, how do you feel getting killed by a giant blade vehicle thing?”

    Cortez: “Like a badass.”

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