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joss-whedonA somewhat big event took place in Episode 10, Wake Me Up Before You Go. The passing of a character in any show is always a big stinking deal, and it was no less so for us here at Smooth Few Films. We’ve been plotting and scheming this for well over a year now, and seeing it on screen was strange, awesome and sad.

I figured we’d have a fun discussion about it. However, since there are no doubt some of you who haven’t seen the episode yet, I’ll go ahead and put the rest of this post behind the jump. Beware. There be spoilers beyond these parts.

Even though The Leet World is a ridiculously over-the-top comedy/action/drama based in Counter-Strike: Source, we pay a lot of attention to our ridiculously over-the-top characters. One of our biggest commitments is to our characters and how they interact.

In terms of crafting these individuals, there’s a really awesome quote by the lore-master Joss Whedon about characters and danger which has always stuck with us:

In terms of not giving people what they want, I think it’s a mandate: Don’t give people what they want, give them what they need. What they want is for Sam and Diane to get together. [Whispers.] Don’t give it to them. Trust me. [Normal voice.] You know? People want the easy path, a happy resolution, but in the end, they’re more interested in… No one’s going to go see the story of Othello going to get a peaceful divorce. People want the tragedy. They need things to go wrong, they need the tension. In my characters, there’s a core of trust and love that I’m very committed to. These guys would die for each other, and it’s very beautiful. But at the same time, you can’t keep that safety. Things have to go wrong, bad things have to happen.

Our characters put themselves in constant danger. But it’s not real danger unless something goes wrong.

The death of Ahmad the Noobito was birthed back when we fully plotted out the three season arc for The Leet World near the beginning of the first season. Every character in our show has at least some small path that they travel, some bigger than others, and we knew that we wanted to do something different with Ahmad to keep him from becoming, frankly, Caboose from Red Vs Blue. Not that we dislike that character, it’s just that without some major journey like what Ahmad went through, the comparisons were going to be easy. So we came up with a story for him.

One of our goals for the show was to create interesting and compelling characters. But with Ahmad, our goals were slightly different. We really wanted to see if we could take the audience from one end of the spectrum to the other in terms of how they felt about a character. Could we make the audience hate him in Season 1 with the hax storyline, etc, and then over the course of the next year have them fall in love with him again as the “noobito”? And for those same reasons that they would have fallen in love with him (his innocence and loyalty), could he give his life to save his friends? I think it makes for a pretty compelling arc.

Seeing as how friendship is one of the main themes of TLW, Ahmad was really the perfect man for the job. He completely embodies the idea of camaraderie, and managed to do so with both his life and his death.

It’s been an interesting ride for sure, and we’re not quite done dealing with the fallout from his heroic act. It definitely affects and influences the characters moving forward in some interesting ways. And you never know, there just might be more danger waiting around the corner…

Anywho, chime in and tell us your thoughts on Ahmad. Have you ever had a character that you really cared about who met a similar fate? And if you could vote for immunity for any character still alive, who would it be? And no, the answers to that last one won’t affect the outcome. I was just curious, that’s all.

Also for those of you that want an update, Episode 11 is getting very close, but not quite close enough for me to give a guess just yet. It should be sometime in the next week or so, though.

60 thoughts on “Respect the Whedon

  1. Hasimirfenring

    I guess you’re right but still…Ahmad no!

    As for the immunity, uhm, i think that would be Cortez!

  2. SystemGS

    Personally, the only character that I’ve felt really bad about seeing die was Theo Faron from Children of Men. He was such a compelling character, tossed into an unlikely situation that he didn’t want to be in, but he sacrificed his own life to save another (and continue humanity, nonetheless). In it’s own regard, his story is similar to Ahmad’s. Sure, Theo may not be the embodiment of camaraderie, but he understands what has to be done at the last minute, and ultimately sacrifices himself for another person. As for immunity to any character, personally, I’d vote for Leeroy. He’s been my long-time favorite, and to me, he seems like the overall most lawful of the Counter-Terrorists (ironically). Just dropping by to give my feedback, back to work on the SMDB. Keep up the great work you guys, and I’m looking forward to episode 11.

  3. Mitch

    Well, for starters, the death of a character that has affected me the most had to have been Dinobot on Beast Wars. That may sound like a joke, but it’s not. The way he went out was awesome, and a total tribute to the character and what he believed in. If you didn’t shed a tear when he passed, you are a stone cold mother-effer.

    As for Ahmad, I was always impressed at the layers his character seemed to have. Most of the characters of the Leet World (except for Player, who is more than meets the eye) seem to be based off a stereotype, and stick to their roles (that’s just my interpretation of them). Obviously, that makes the character familiar and easy for us to accept and relate to.

    Perhaps that’s what makes Ahmad’s evolution more pronounced. Originally, he was the Terrorist foil to Player, the bumbling n00b who was mostly good for a joke. His quest for acceptance led him down dark roads, but in the end, he finally got the highest praise from his role model. He truly was the greatest bad-ass.

    You guys did a great job with Ahmad; his death certainly came out of left field. Makes me really wonder what’s in store for everyone’s favorite robot…

  4. Kuilui

    Personally I always really liked Ahmad. He always had something hilarious to say or at least spoke in an upbeat tone. It’s a bummer to see him go. I will say one thing, I hope there is a scene at some point where Cortez is talking to Ahmad *Staring down at his grave*.

    I mean everyone in the show has there “Best friend”. Ellis and Montrose, Player and Chet, Westy and Leeroy. It seemed like Cortez and Ahmad were there own pair throughout the show. It just wasn’t as shown as the others were.

    Anywho moving on. I can’t remember a character I really cared about that died, I’m sure its happened I just cant remember. Now if I could save any character it would have to be, Westy. Not sure why hes just always been my favorite character. Somehow I see him dieing to save Leeroy at some point though. Can’t wait for the next episode as always.

    I feel like I wrote to much heh.

  5. thewind32

    I loved Ahmad and I still do. I like the way his lines are delivered, his voice just nails it. Man, I really hoped that his death wasn’t for real (like player’s last time), but from the looks of things here I guess I’ll just have to accept it. /cry

    As for the immunity, I’d give it to Montrose, he’s my fav in TLW. The pic with him on the car in the holiday special episode was just awesome.

    A character that I cared about who met a similar fate…. I guess that would have to be *MAJOR SPOILER FOR HALF-LIFE 2 EPISODE 2* Eli Vance. He was portrayed as a loving father and someone who cares about Freeman, which kind of brings hope to the bleak setting of HL2. I really didn’t want him to die. *END OF SPOILER* And when is episode 3 coming out!?!?!?!?

  6. Systematik

    [quote comment=”15797″]And when is episode 3 coming out!?!?!?!?[/quote]

    This year, Valve time.

  7. Stefanus Lie

    I totally agree with the jump. Ahmad really is a bomb in the show. He appears in many great plot in the show : change in team, hax, leeroy’s kicked out (as his new best friend) and the sacrifice.. He really is something in the show.

    As for the immunity, I would go for the producer (if he really is alive). He, too, is one of the most interesting character in TLW. He seemed like he has many personalities. Since the start of Season 1, I’ve put the producer as one mof my fav character. My favourite is Cortez, but I don’t want him being immortal as much as I want the producer be.

  8. Armed_Gnome

    The only characters I’ve cared about dying before would prob be Theo from CoM as well, and going back to the Joss Whedon bit, Wash from Serenity/Firefly. You spend the entire series getting to know this humourous, kind funny character only for him to be killed swiftly and not particuarly heroically when you least expect it 🙁

    For immunity I honestly couldn’t pick just one character. Each one is so unique and funny that without any one of them the show wouldn’t be the same. But if I had to choose I would say Player……or Chet or Ellis

  9. Spinal

    a character that had died and i really cared for hmmmm
    i guess myself in an epic counter-strike source match nah just kidding but i think it was…… can’t remember

    as for ahmad i really hope that by his own surprise he got stuck into the death room

    and now the moment youve all bin w8ing for the award for 1337 immunity go’s to CHET.
    chet would you come up on the stage plz
    oh right he’s drunk lol

    that’s why he must be immume he is zo funny and drunk all the time and his brocode ,oh so funny

    can’t w8 for the next episode TLW FTW

  10. TheDutchMANBEARPIG

    In terms of immunity, definitely Chet. I really like the other characters, but once you get SUPR PLAYER ACTIVATE he is probably some unstoppable thing so I am not too worried about him. I guess some people may have experienced the wrong side of a ‘Chet’ and are inclined to hate the frat-boy kinda dude.. but I think he’s pretty awesome but a bit of a noob.

    Like you say in the post – atleast it worked for me – I hated Ahmad so much when he was on the hax the first time, but when he haxxed in 10 it was pretty awesome. I think after Ahmad healed from his hax though in SE1 we all started to like him again with his sort of weird Tourette’s.. SPARKLEFART!

    I think the only characters I really didn’t want to die was in a movie when Gandalf died… That made me really really sad… but then hey, he comes back stronger in the 2nd movie which makes up for it! And they sorta pulled the same trick with Faramir which would’ve been worse coz he would die even though he was alive.

    Another characters I didn’t wanna see die was Will Smith’s in I Am Legend, and his dog as well. That was pretty sad. Sad emotionally, but also kinda sad that I gave so much of a crap about an acted dog.

  11. Flascist

    I always think a change to monotony is good. There are times when an ambitious change to the scene doesn’t work out. (For example; Tweek as the fourth in South Park).
    Despite it being too early for us viewers to see if the change was effective in twisting the plot whilst not destroying it, I feel that much more can be accomplished if the change is made rather than playing it safe and relying on our already existing predictions to make the story-line unfold. So Kudos for being extravagant with this one.

    Concerning Ahmad directly, I never hated him in the 1st Season. This was the first real encounter of a battle within the house, rather than the Domination guy and of course the challenges which are obviously outside cs_militia. I felt this was one of the changes I mentioned above, and once again proved effective.
    Perhaps abandoning this character (as it seems after watching the recent episode) is wise as there is nowhere that this character can really go from here. He’s been to the furthest extent of both villain and hero, his use to the show is like Scotland to the World Cup, simply a contribution that will never greatly enthrall us or make a difference that will increase our opinion of him.

    Agreeing with , I would say that the end of Half Life 2: Episode 2 was quite touching. Though while the character itself is of pure morals that increase the sadness of his death, the entire plot is something that is perhaps feasible in the future. That makes the death (of someone who in the game is really a friend) far sadder.


    I was saddened to see the death of Gaz at the end of Call of Duty 4: Modern warfare. Once again, a believable plot and end result make this death more upsetting, as well as the conversation that was minutes before (That of Captain Price, Gaz and SSgt Griggs discussing how they would drink to their victory).

    ***END OF SPOILER***

    No character should be immune from any twist to the plot because the effects of various events have effected all characters. As much as most viewers would love to see Player free from harm, the story-line has been twisted towards him so it is impossible to make him evade future tragedies. His immunity would it look mildly pathetic and unlikely, because of the position he is in.

  12. Armed_Gnome

    Damn it Flascist you had to bring up the two deaths that affected me that I had actually forgotten about 🙁

    Lol on the Scotland comment though 😀

  13. Flascist

    Aye, that is an analogy that I think fits really, I’m not just saying it because I am English, though I admit that a part of me felt that a small dig would be appropriate.

    Well Eli’s death in Half Life was mentioned by somebody before me, so you cannot blame me for that. Though i noticed that nobody said Gaz, so I guess I’ll claim dibs.

  14. SK Beans

    You guys couldn’t have done Ahmad better, it was perfect for his character and just felt right. It had a lot of meaning to it and reminds me of why I continue to watch TLW.

  15. Denman_HG

    There are quite a few deaths in various forms of entertainment that have quite touched me so. I won’t bother editing for spoilers, as people wouldn’t read this far down if they weren’t expecting them.

    1. Rorschach – combining badassery with also being the most humane character, you loved him.
    2. Agent Washington from Red vs. Blue: Recovery One – when South first shoots him at the end of part 4, for the same reasons as Rorschach though slightly altered, you hate South for it, making it so much sweeter when he executes her midsentence.
    3. Billy Costigan from The Departed – he’s gone through so much as a rat for the cops and just when you think he’s finally won, BAM, shot in the head.
    4. Boromir from The Fellowship of the Ring – you’re forced to hate this guy throughout the movie. Plainly, he’s an ass to Aragorn for being the heir to Gondor, and he attempts to steal the Ring from Frodo. but in his last moments, he valiantly tries to defend Merry and Pip from the Orcs, taking three arrow shots and yet still battling valiantly. You see him come full circle, dying as a likable character.
    There are several others that I won’t go into right now.

    Ahmad is definitely one of the most dynamic characters of the Leet World. He started as sort of a wide-eyed kid and sadly, in his quest for acceptance, went down a dark road. While you have to hate him a little, you also have to pity him, because you see that deep down he’s still the same guy, but the hax are fucking his mind up. And the aftermath of coming off them is very sad. His mind has been virtually destroyed initially, with him going near mental retardation. In Season 2 he starts to come around more to be a more mature version of his initial self, albeit with a few random outbursts. Episode 10 was definitely his most likable appearance, especially his interactions with the computer. “Settle down, stupid! I’m here to help!” His apprehension to hacking again, and finally doing so in order to save his friends, show he’s willing to harm himself in order to help others. And finally, him being willing to put himself on danger’s doorstep by getting Asher away from everyone, even though he would be right next to the explosion. And it was definitely very epic when he gave Asher that last volley, “YOU. LEAVE. MY. FRIENDS. ALONE!!!” He will be sorely missed.

    For immunity, I’d have to say Cortez, just because he is ironically the most honorable character of the show, even though he’s a criminal. Plus, he’s also the most badass, and everyone is saddened when the badass dies selflessly. It would’ve been Westy during season 1, but after his loss of honor, becoming the Producer’s Lapdog, he just hasn’t been the same. Even though he’s broken himself of that, he’s not the same honorable man that he was in Season 1.

  16. El Kibblez

    I think Joss Whedon is right, we did need Ahmad to die. It keeps things active and suspenseful, and after seeing a main character die a real death, all of us viewers now realize that anything can happen in TLW. This couldn’t have happened any other way, because even though Leeroy was kicked off the show, his legacy lived on, and things really weren’t that different without him. But that wasn’t enough to see that TLW can go anywhere.

    One character that I really hated seeing die was Goose in Top Gun. His death was the result of an accident during training, not even a real fight. Also, the suspense after the ejection led me to believe that he could be okay, but he wasn’t.

    The other major one was Mike in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Even though he was a robot he had so much character, almost like a naive child but super intelligent. It really hurt me to see that he just wasn’t the same anymore.

    Cloud uses Phoenix Down on Ahmad!

    Immunity goes to Player, because I can see any of the others dying for their cause, just as Ahmad did to his. Player, though…we don’t know his cause – besides booze and boobs.

  17. TehKiller

    I think i’d vote player for immunity as he’s the only “noob” left now 🙁

    I wish leeroy would hax the death room to bring ahmad back or something

  18. loudflash

    Man I was so upset when Agro from Shadow the Colossus died, even if he was a pain in the ass to ride, he helped me defeat so many baddies, came whenever I called and sacrificed himself to save me. Then I found he survived and it was like being reunited with your brother. Still the feel of loss was the same.

    Best Ahmad Tourettes Quote: “Ham Wallets!”

  19. zeebo101

    i’m looking foreward to ellis’s or chet’s story
    they seem more lft out than others, but maybe with ahmad gone and leeroy back chet’s tensions will rise again or ellis finally gets bad ass

  20. Nero

    You guys really did do a good job on ahmads death because if one main character dies then we know that anything can happen to anyone. also wondering about Chets story he hasnt done much but get drunk and hm.. yeah thats about it.

    CHET IMMUNITY FTW!!!!!!!!!

  21. HEV Bucket

    [quote comment=”15798″]
    This year, Valve time.[/quote]

    so we’re talking 2012 our time?

  22. Zoo

    Okay. I was going to marry Ahmad or something. My brother is convinced that next episode he’s going to magically rise from the dead or something.

    So now that there’s nothing left to hope for Ahmad, I really have to know what the deal is with Leeroy and the Producer. I mean, the Producer was a villain, but these last few episodes make him seem like a good guy vs. the Russians? Or is he…? There are a lot of unanswered questions. ):

    Player ought to get immunity. We know the least about him… and he knows the least about himself. We’re growing with him as the show goes on. If he dies, we die, in a sense.

  23. Mr Leet

    #1 Death which has touched me:
    Charlie from LOST. need I explain more?

    Amhad – I never really hated him. I think he was just misunderstood 😉

  24. Dspite

    Ahmad…I really am gonna miss him. I nearly cried when he finally died. I was praying that the hax would allow him to pull through again.

    If there is any death which really struck me is upsetting, (this is for the DBZ nerds in the audience) Vegeta’s death made me cry 100 times over in DBZ. He died in such a similar way to Ahmad. He died protecting those he loved, just like Ahmad.

    If there is any character I would want to live. It would have to be Cortez. Out of everyone I respected him the most. Cortez was not only a badass but he respected everyone who deserved it. He is also a fatherly figure in some ways (more ways than Westy.) Cortez has truly had a long and hard life and I believe that he needs a chance to live life to the fullest.

  25. IceCKryss

    The Death Room seems very special, as Player and Ellis managed to escape it. Maybe Ahmad is trapped within the Death Room? If he truly is what Asher said he was, then it’s unlikely he’ll remain dead. Mendoza seemed to be a pawn, a puppet in the game of The Leet World. Ahmad didn’t.

    It’s either that or I’ve been reading Slaughterhouse-Five too much.

  26. JJ

    [quote comment=”15819″]I really have to know what the deal is with Leeroy and the Producer. I mean, the Producer was a villain, but these last few episodes make him seem like a good guy vs. the Russians? Or is he…? There are a lot of unanswered questions. ):[/quote]

    Everything is relative ;). “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, etc.

  27. thewind32

    Why would Ahmad be trapped in the Death Room? I thought you would go to the Death Room only in challenges? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  28. moochy

    ahmad the greatest badass to ever live!!!. R.I.P ahmad *cry*

    well as for the immunity i would say play3r he is awesomeeee!!!!! we no so little about him and he is still a developing cybog he would b perfect for immunity =D

  29. danielign9

    Ahmad was the one of my favorite characters. He makes up for most of the comedy while the other characters are like serious.

    The immunity award will go to Chet, because he so far hasn’t had any interesting and weird adventures or discoveries yet:
    -Leeroy/Terrorists:joint op. to find Producer
    -Ellis/Player:death room exit (Season 1)
    -Westy:missing-Leeroy syndrome

  30. Meme

    The only thing I dont get is:
    On the forum The Leet World asked as a question : Who will die? And almost everyone said Asher because he came at the last time and he killed much of people..
    But now Ahmad died it’s never gonna be so funny as before like NINJANUB or something like that..
    That’s the only thing I feel fucked about:'(

  31. Trogador

    Ahmad’s death was one of those things that had to happen. I really couldn’t see it any other way. It reminds me of the movie Stranger Than Fiction.

    My vote for immunity would have to be for Westheimer. In Season 1 he was a dedicated and strong leader. While he may be under the control of The Producer now, he only wants the best for his team, and to justify the vigilance of the Counter-Terrorist forces. It just gets distorted under THe Producer’s hand. I don’t detect any real selfishness behind Westheimer’s actions or desires. He was the real victim in Season 2. But that’s just me.

  32. Tuoppo

    Well, last time i cared more for any characters death, was when Aeris died in Final Fantasy VII.

    Immunity to Player. It would be fun to see some chaos and him rising from it with total undestanding about being a human. (like some clishee phoenix)

  33. Maxmotor1

    NOOOO!!! Ahmad. I hated ahmad back in season 1. He was an idiot. But in season 2 he got much better, so much so that i was really sad when he died. You guys are so awesome at story writing and its a shame that season 2 is the last season even if you are still doing more videos afterwards.
    As for the immunity… uh.. probably Montrose. if not him then westhiemer.

  34. S.T.R.E.L.O.K.

    Joss Wheedon was just fuckin’ jammed into the ground by Yathzee. And Yathzee was totally right about what he said.

  35. Anonymous

    [quote comment=”15825″]Why would Ahmad be trapped in the Death Room? I thought you would go to the Death Room only in challenges? Correct me if I’m wrong.[/quote]

    Well since Asher betrayed the producer (if i’m correct), the producer could’ve activated a challenge for some reason.

  36. Anonymous

    # 1 death that has saddened me the most (that i can remember ;)) = Leonardo in Blood Diamond.

  37. terrordactyl

    Personally a character’s death that affected me the most was Yagami Light from the TV series Death Note, because it was just a twisted and corrupted way to die, but I was still sad to see him die.

    My favorite character is Chet, but I would like Asher to have immunity because it would make for a cool twist

  38. Lord Hayden

    Chet, or Cortez. Most probebly Cortez though. I like Cortez. He is awesome.

    But I don’t want the Bro Code to be lost forever, because Chet is the only one that uses it!

  39. Lord Hayden

    Also, I forgot to ask:

    Are we going to be able to get a download of “Know About It” soon? If not, I don’t mind, I would just like to know…

  40. UrbanRunner

    One death that almost made me cry, was Caretaker in the Longest Yard. Also Mia in Phoenix Wright even though she still shows up in the game it was pretty sad.

    Immunity i think should go to Cortez, as he is a badass.

  41. JJ

    [quote comment=”15839″]Joss Wheedon was just fuckin’ jammed into the ground by Yathzee. And Yathzee was totally right about what he said.[/quote]

    Pointing out that a guy who hates everything also hates Joss Whedon is not a valid argument.

  42. Pwnation

    Lurve u guys! Lol, I wonder if in the producer’s “base” (for lack of a better word…) there will be zombies? like, he was working with noonion with all kinds of crap, and since they made cyborgs like Player and Asher, wouldn’t it be a step back to make reanimated corpses? or dead bodies with mechanical supports so they can move around?

    I think immunity should go to Chet:

    1. He uses the legendary BRO-CODE!
    2. He is a large source of humor in TLW house, I mean getting wasted and banging chicks? that’s gotta count for something! =P
    3. He is a pretty good soldier, like in his biography you guys made about him (overachiever, poindexter…)
    4. I think he’s cool too.
    5. Cortez would be my choice, but like “TheDutchMANBEARPIG” said, he is too badass and leet

    that’s it! can’t wait for the new episode, dudes!

  43. Naerah

    Personnaly i dont beleive in Amhad’s death. Asher spoke about a ship in Amhad’s head. If the guy who built Play3r could somehow transfer his councsiousness in the small box, maybe there’s a way that Amhad’s one been copied in another smallbox or anything like that. As twisted as the storyline go its not even impossible.

    I’ve drop a tear for Connor Mc’leod when Duncan kills him. Other than that i think Aeris in FF7 was the charater i hated seing die.

    I don’t know who i would give imunity to, i love all the characters so much. I think another death as heroic as it could be would be too much, All character seemed to feel sad of Amhad’s death. I could more say who i can see dieing, Westimer saving Cortez and Cortez say something like “You are the brother i should have had.” or Play3r to save everyone again just saying to Chet “U just repair m3 ass latr lulz!”.

  44. Clark

    I have a list of who i think should have immunity numbers one through 10

    1.Domination Guy
    8.Swat Bras
    10-15.Jay Leno
    1001-5000.Whoever else makes the Leet World

  45. glebe

    I think that Chet should get immunity. Hes always been a reliable character and pretty funny, especially when either Player or Leeroy is there.
    As for a death that effected me, I remember when i was like 6 or 7 in the very first Pokemon show season Ash set Butterfree go free, and that was kind of a powerful moment for me. Also in the running is Porkins during the death star run and Obi-wan when he sacrifices himself for Luke. :(.

  46. Pwnation

    For a death momenty thingy, the son of the compassionate KR was very sad (when he stepped on the Bouncing Betty.) that made me tear up, and hate the f***ing n00bs a.k.a. the Khmer rouge.

  47. Flascist

    [quote comment=”15858″]Also in the running is Porkins during the death star run.[/quote]

    ‘Pull up Porkins, pull up!’
    ‘I can hold it!’

    A great moment indeed.

  48. Pwnation

    While we’re talkin’ about Star Wars, Darth Vader’s/Anakin’s death touched me, cuz he was mutilated but still loved his son, and the A-Wing that crashed into the Executor. That was epic, going out in a blaze.
    They were like, “take evasive action!”
    “too late!!!!”


  49. Flascist

    If you mean Vader in Return of the Jedi, yeah.
    If you meant Anakin in Revenge of the Sith, no. But that could be my very certain opinion that Hayden Christiansen is just a retarded actor, and being burned by magma and lightsabres would be too good for him.

    Though that A-wing pilot was hero, and we never knew his name.

  50. glebe

    I tend to think all the prequels suck, but Mace Windu’s death was pretty sad. I agree with Flascist about Anakin, he’s just a whiny teenager. The A-wing pilots death was pretty awesome though.
    Can’t wait for the next episode

  51. Anonymous

    But…darth vader is so….UGLY! He pretty much killed the mother, tried to kill his master, killed a jedi master, killed lots of innocent little kids, chopped of his sons hand, almost killed his SON…and his death was sad? Give me a break.

    P.S: Wth is going on? No ep, no post….I’m gonna DIE!!! Need…Leet…World……ughhh.

  52. Stormwolf3x

    It’s so sad that Ahmad died… damn Asher for standing back up and starting his self destruct, I never hated Ahmad even in the Hax story line, though i did think he was an asshole, Lol xD.. but then he became the lovable noob once more and I always loved when he would randomly shout phrases and such, It’s sad to see him go, but I hope that they can somehow bring him back… *looks at Leeroy expectantly*

    For immunity? Wow that’s a tough one… I love each one of the characters, they all have their special quirks that make them awesome in their own way, at first I only liked a few, but as the season progressed I really loved all of them, Cortez doesn’t seem to need the Immunity, he is much to badass to die, haha. It doesn’t seem to me that Montarose or Ellis would die, or at least I hope not, and it would be sad if Weistheimer died but I don’t believe he would. but the ones I’m really worried about dieing are Chet, Player, and Leeroy honestly, so Immunity to one of them, Player, well because they want to kill him, Chet because he cares about Player, and i can see him trying to protect his friend, even if it cost him, and Leeroy because he’s made some pretty bad enemies.

    (Spoliers for Death Note, Dresden Files, and Full Metal Alchemist)

    Jeeze, don’t get me started on how many of my favorite characters have died… As for the most heart-wrenching deaths.. basically the whole cast of Death Note(Who died, and aren’t Light), L, Mello,and Matt.
    Also in The Dresden Files when Harry was being attacked by the rogue wizard and Morgan, even though he had always disliked Harry, killed the wizard and saved Harry, but then died of his wounds that had reopened. I had never really cared much for Morgan but i admired his loyalty and it was sad when he died.. And finally some of the most painfully sad deaths were in Full Metal Alchemist, When Maes Hughes died, i teared up especially when they were burying him and his daughter was asking why. Also when Nina died, the poor little girl.. Then when Scar died being a total badass and saving everyone, and I was really sad when the Homunculi died, especially Envy, Lust, and Wrath..

    I salute you all in making The Leet World and making such good Characters, You know that you’ve made good characters when everyone is sad to see them go :)…

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