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lotrA huge thanks to all of you TLW-ites who watched and commented on Episode 10, Wake Me Up Before You Go. Some mighty wild things happened in that episode, things we’ve been planning for quite some time. We’ll hopefully get into that more in the next couple of days (once a few more of you have had a chance to watch it), and have some cool character discussions.

Daniel’s out of town right now, but Nick and I have been working diligently to keep the machine moving. Currently, we’re in the midst of several things such as faceposing, Hammer-ing and editing Episode 11. Also, I’m working on getting a final draft for Episode 12. It’s certainly both madness and Sparta, but I think it helps that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The next episode is interesting in that it’s kind of the “Council of Elrond” episode. Lots of information. Maybe you understand that nerdy reference, maybe you don’t. Either way, here are some screenshots.

tlw211screenshot1 tlw211screenshot2 tlw211screenshot3

Spooky, scary. In other news, I plan to get some outtakes done soon, but the last couple of episodes have been faceposer/Hammer heavy, and I figured you would all appreciate me helping get the episodes out faster rather than working on those. And yes, those things are mutually exclusive.

36 thoughts on “Dude Council

  1. Zyconis

    So, Leeroy is a ninja now?

    And since when did ANYWHERE have air-ducts that big? Those things are massive!

    Very convenient for being a ninja in.

  2. hexplode11

    I guess Leeroy’s back on the team. I have no idea who is gonna replace Ahmad, if that is going to happen.

    This show keeps on getting better and better.

    Can we expect a podcast anytime soon?

  3. hexplode11

    Sorry for the double comment, but is that a picture of Ahmad I see hanging in the background of picture number two? Looks like the ones the CTs have. A nice homage to Ahmad.

  4. supernovaforce

    damn hexplode you beat me to it, i was just about to say it looks like they’ve taken out the CT’s pictures and put up one of ahmad…although just looking at it again, from that angle it looks like it could also be Andre :O

  5. Mr Leet

    I just noticed something freaking hillarious and it has nothing to do with this post whatsoever.

    The number of News Posts in G.R.I.E.F under Categories is 13.


  6. crackspider

    hmm to some 1 who asked where those vents are its de_prodogy and he is coming from the ct spawn to the direction of the scientist location from the background which is bomb site B

    eagerly awaits new episode

  7. Anonymous

    wow these are good screenies 🙂
    1)Dr.Soong ofcourse at de_prodigy>bomb site B,
    2)Just Ellis adn Montrose chillin, but there is that picture of Ahmad…or ?Andre?? in the background,
    3)Leeroy in vents of de_prodigy looking for dr.soong? Or maybe looking for producer because since all connections with the producer have been cut from the house, he had to meet in PERSON!!!!

    Long post but wtv. ok. kthxbye…

  8. Nafets

    Happy to see Soong in it….and third I have to say…………is your most amazing(i’m not kidding)screenie yet in many ways whih i won’t mention.

    BTW, hope it out next week….since you guys seem to PWning episode 12 u think that it’ll come out only a week and a half or so after 12

  9. UnKnoWn PlaYeR

    i think i know this map, if its not from the original css map, hmmm… well. lets c the end result

  10. lazors pew pew

    hey anonymous if you remember in episode 2.7 leeroy found that the producer is dead and run by a computer, and dr. soong killed himself too so no way to number 3

  11. Stefanus Lie

    awesome! But I think S2E11 will be a story about leeroy. The flashback on how he finds the producer until how he ended up “free falling” to the house.

    And remember, he said in episode 10 that he found the producer, not the others. Or maybe dr.soong himself is the producer?

  12. Anonymous

    Well lazors if you don’t recall leeroy falling out of the sky and saying he found the producer (mebbe imposter producer because real one is dead) and I agree I think this ep will be like what happened when he was kicked off, the “intruder alert” and falling out of the sky.

  13. lazors pew pew

    anon. he may have found him but they wont be talking face to face cause one is dead , he probably found the computer that is running him

  14. Denman_HG

    I think that Leeroy gets downloaded into a digital world in which the minds of the Producer and Dr. Soong reside.

    And pic 2 is probably Ellis mourning Ahmad and Montrose comforting him.

  15. Infamous

    I am looking at this and I am thinking.

    In screenshot one: This is what happened, When Leeroy found the producer..

    In screenshot two: I have no idea.

    And In screenshot three: This is Lerroy looking for the producer.

  16. Lord Hayden

    Maybe a spoiler below, depends on if I am right or not…


    I think as soon as the “producer” found out that Asher turned on him, he somehow activated a challenge, allowing Ahmad to be sent to the death room, because I doubt that Ahmad would have actually died, Smooth Few wouldn’t do that to us would they?!


    ->Ahmad better be in the movie…


    What happened to Web Zeroes? I miss that. You guys arent going to let it die like G.R.I.E.F did are you?! (I know, G.R.I.E.F isn’t dead, but it isn’t in production. Anyways, I didn’t like the look of G.R.I.E.F)

    1. Eddy

      If we’re not doing Leet World because Daniel won’t be here, how could we possibly do a show that requires us all to be on screen? 🙂 Web Zeroes might have one or two more episodes, but that’s it.

  17. Stefanus Lie

    [quote comment=”15777″]
    I think as soon as the “producer” found out that Asher turned on him, he somehow activated a challenge, allowing Ahmad to be sent to the death room, because I doubt that Ahmad would have actually died, Smooth Few wouldn’t do that to us would they?!

    I have thought about the possibility of activated challenge, but another question will rise : “what about Asher? Does he going to the death room just like player did?”
    And there’s another question, why’s player differ from Asher? What’s the purpose of creating player in the first place? There are 2 possibilites that I can see:
    1. If it is about creating war machine, Dr.Soong would have build player as strong as Asher. But why did player died like a human when he got shot? Or maybe he hasn’t activate his inner power or sumthin?
    2. If it is about creating a new form of human being, why did Dr.Soong make player’s so great at shooting? (S2E7)

  18. Mr Leet

    I just noticed something hillarious.
    Character Bios (8)
    Extras (69)
    [b]G.R.I.E.F. (13)[/b]
    Gaming News (25)
    Maintenance (41)
    Music (7)
    News (237)
    Outtakes (15)
    Podcasts (4)
    Screenshots (35)
    TheLeetWorld (180)
    Videos (35)
    Web Zeroes (30)[/quote]

    G.R.I.E.F Is on hiatus, and it has 13 updates. LMAO, self explanatory.

  19. sameertulshyan

    dude, JJ confirmed somewhere else that SFF basically killed off Ahmad because the voice actor, Ben, wants to spend more time with his kid, so yeah, i think ahmad is gone, or at least he wont have as big a role.

  20. Anonymous

    Dude sameertulshyan, I dont think they killed off Ahmad just because he wanted to spend more time with his kid (lol I sound like an asshole) because that would screw up their whole plot for the movie wouldn’t it?

  21. Anonymous

    K that sounds really bad…

    ****They killed him because they’ve been planning it since ep 3 seas 1, it’s gonna have some sort of affect on the later story.

  22. TheDutchMANBEARPIG

    Well I actually suggested it and then JJ went DING! WE have a winner.

    It happens more often than you think in real TV shows when characters suddenly disappear.. especially female ones (no sh*t sherlock)

  23. JJ

    [quote comment=”15787″]Well I actually suggested it and then JJ went DING! WE have a winner.

    It happens more often than you think in real TV shows when characters suddenly disappear..[/quote]

    Oy. I suppose I brought this on myself.

    I DID NOT I repeat DID NOT say that we killed Ahmad because Ben has a baby now.

    There are a lot of factors that play into every creative decision we make. Ben being busy with a baby was definitely a consideration, but there are plenty of other ways we could have dealt with that. If we had decided we wanted his character to live, we would surely have found a way to work around his schedule.

    However, we all agreed that giving Ahmad his moment in the spotlight as well as a hero’s death would be a cool dramatic twist for the story that would raise the stakes for the rest of the characters.

    I’m not sure why so many folks seem convinced we’re such horrible monsters… (Killing characters and deleting scenes left and right!)

    EDIT: Also, what Eddy said: http://smoothfewfilms.com/2009/06/16/respect-the-whedon/

  24. Pwnation

    Those pics are awesome, like your show. lol, I wonder if the producer’s base (for lack of a better word) has zombies! I mean, like, he was working with Noonion with all kinds of stuff, and since they created cyborgs like Player and Asher, wouldn’t it be a step back to make reanimated corpses? Or maybe dead bodies with mechanical prosthetics so they can move around using remote control? (like dead bodies with cameras hooked up to the security things and mechanical braces on their limbs acting as guards) This would be much cheaper than building the bodyframe of a real cyborg guard…?

    I dunno, its just a guess. =D

    Thanks SFF, for the Leet World!

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